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Get Food Ideas Specifically For Picky Eaters!


If you’re worried about your picky eater’s nutrition, want to make mealtimes less stressful and need some insider tricks to get your picky eaters eating then grab our Picky Eater Meal Ideas Free Printable!

Are There Sensory Red Flags You Could Be Missing?


It’s so frustrating when your child has frequent meltdowns, never stops moving, or doesn’t listen. These are all signs of sensory "issues" but there are more.  Learn more with our 21 Sensory Red Flags You Might Be Missing.

How to Teach Your Baby or Toddler to Eat Table Foods


It’s alarming when your baby refuses or has trouble chewing their food. They may spit it out, gag, or refuse to even try. You need a plan! How about 10 simple steps to teach your baby how to eat table foods.

Picky Eating

Picky eating is a phase most children go through as a toddler, but it doesn’t make it any less stressful.  From healthy meals and dinner ideas for picky eaters to food chaining and feeding therapy info you’re covered. 

You’ll also find lots of resources on how to get your kid to eat without getting into pressure struggles, picky eater recipes, and why kids won’t eat.  

Picky eating is often misunderstood, but here you’ve got a bank of resources to help you and your child enjoy meals and eat new foods. 


Dear Schools, Please Stop Using These Outdated Tricks to Get Kids to Eat Lunch 

A special message to schools trying to help picky eater kids at lunch. What to avoid that often makes kids eating worse and what you can do instead!   My heart skipped a beat, and then my jaw clenched as I read yet another story of a school using rewards to encourage kids to eat “healthy” foods. Dana* is a mom and student in our picky eating program, Mealtime Works. She posted this in our private fb group:  Looking for advice about...


8 Tips for Kids that Won’t Eat Breakfast Before School

Are you frustrated and worried about your kids that won’t eat breakfast? Find out if you need to be worried, and 8 powerful tips that could help your child get some food in their belly before school.    Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure.   It’s a terrible feeling when your kid doesn’t eat breakfast before school and you know they’ll be starving in a couple of hours. Or, worse, they don’t eat lunch well...


What is Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD)?  A Diagnosis for Extreme Picky Eaters

Learn exactly what this new diagnosis of Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD) means for picky eater kids, how it differs from ARFID, and how to help kids overcome PFD with ways that align that with positive parenting.   Have you heard the news? As of October 1st, 2021 there is a brand new diagnosis for kids. It’s called Pediatric Feeding Disorder, or PFD, and is much needed. As an occupational therapist that specializes in feeding, my hope is that it helps...


Maximize Your Kid’s Nutrition with These Easy Alternatives to Popular Snacks

Try these 12 different healthy snacks for kids that require no prep from you! They’re perfect for the crunchy carb-loving picky eater kid and any family that wants to get the most nutrition possible out of easy snack foods!   Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure.   Is it possible to serve healthy, nutritious snacks to your kid that they would love to eat?? It is!  But, before I write another word… Let me be clear. The...


The Best Holiday Gifts for Fun in the Kitchen with Kids!

Get inspired with 25+ awesome Christmas gift ideas for kids with fun in the kitchen! This holiday guide is perfect for picky eater kids, cooking with kids, and making mealtimes fun.     Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure. Would you LOVE to get your kid eating some different foods? Sometimes, all a kid needs is a little bit of fun added to their meals to spark their interest. And often, anytime you can get your child involved with...


How to Use Food Chaining to Expand Your Picky Eater’s Diet

What is food chaining? Get the answer and learn what ages it’s best for and how to use this effective feeding therapy strategy to help any kid, especially picky eaters, learn to eat new foods.     She posted a picture of lamb souvlaki, complete with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, lamb, tzatziki sauce, and cucumbers. She said, “I would’ve laughed last year at thought of serving this to my kid.”  But, here he was gobbling it all...


4 Ways to Help Your Picky Eater When You’re Utterly Exhausted

Learn 4 simple things you can do to help your picky eater, even if you’re tired, exhausted, and feel like you have nothing left to give. There’s still hope and helping your child is do-able…   When my son’s eating was at it’s worse, I had two kids under the age of 3. They were close in age, and I was exhausted.  Exhausted from running around after toddlers all day, changing diapers, and interrupted sleep. I was also trying...


Why Some Kids Gag and Throw Up When They Eat or Even Look at Food!

Does your kid gag or throw up when they look at, touch, or taste a new or different food? It seems odd and is worrisome, but it’s critical to understand why your child is gagging/vomiting and how you can help them!   Your heart skips a beat when you see your child gag. Are they choking? Are they going to throw up? Is everything okay??? You rush to their side to figure out what’s going on, but it’s unclear why they’re gagging or even...


3 Tricks to Get Kids to Eat WITHOUT Their Tablet or TV

It can be a serious stressor when your child will only eat if they’re distracted by a screen! There’s a way to help them learn how to eat without any screens, try these 3 tricks today…   Will your child ONLY eat if they’re distracted by a tablet that’s endlessly playing YouTube videos? Or, are they sitting in front of the TV watching Paw Patrol as you “sneak” bites into their mouth while they are distracted with the...


Why We Shouldn’t Blame Parents for Their Kid’s Picky Eating

Have you or somebody else blamed your kid’s picky eating on YOU? Think again, because parents often aren’t the reason for their kid’s picky eating. Learn why and how we can help parents of picky eaters. Give her what you’re making for dinner and if she doesn’t eat it, then let her wait for breakfast. She’ll learn to eat what you serve, and you can stop catering to her. What are the parents doing with Benny, he wouldn’t...


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