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Do you have a question about picky eating, your baby learning to eat, or sensory issues? Use the search bar below to see if we already have an answer to your question, there’s a good chance we do!

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My child won’t eat anything at all! I’m at the end of my rope. What can I do?

Believe me, we TOTALLY get the struggle—it’s real and can completely take over a family. When children are eating only small amounts of food or a very small variety, there are MANY layers to the difficulty. Our Mealtime Works course covers every single aspect of picky eating and gives you tools to use at home. To get started, grab a seat in our free 3 Keys to Turn Around Picky Eating! They’re the very first strategies I recommend using as a feeding therapist, whether your kid just won’t eat their broccoli or they only have 3 total foods in their diet.


My child is still eating baby food and won’t accept any table foods/refuses all foods. What can I do?

This is so much more common than you may think! Eating is a skill just like talking and walking; sometimes babies need more help. We have a detailed guide to help you get started: check out How to Transition to Table Foods. It has tips for babies and toddlers that are having a hard time eating, too (and a free printable you can snag!)


My child has sensory issues. How do I help them?

Sensory issues aren’t the result of anything you’ve done as a parent—it’s how your child’s brain is wired. The good news is that there are lots of ways to support, help, and even improve your child’s sensory challenges. The brain, especially in children, can make new connections with sensory activities that target your child’s needs. To figure out which activities will help your child the most, we recommend taking our free sensory workshop!


Should I get more help? And if so, where?

Getting professional help can seem like a scary step, but ultimately it can help give you the answers you’re looking for. You can read more about what to expect in Feeding Therapy and Sensory Integration, plus how to and if you should set up an eval for your child.
And if you’d like to work directly with me, then come join me in one of my picky eating classes: Mealtime Works or Table Food School, or if your child has sensory needs, check out our full sensory program: RISE with Sensory.

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Please keep in mind that due to our occupational therapy licenses, we cannot give out personalized and specific advice via email.

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