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Snag this awesome list of food for 1 year olds to toddlers, and the 9, 10, and 11 month old babies in between learning to eat table and finger foods. Includes a  free printable list too!

Get this awesome list perfect for 1 year olds, toddlers, and babies learning to eat table and finger foods from a feeding therapist and mom. Grab a free printable list too!


Wondering what types of food to feed give your baby or 1 year old? As a pediatric occupational therapist and mom, I’ve got your covered. You’ll find that most of the ideas I am sharing are for babies 10 months and up, but it really depends on how well your baby or toddler is chewing foods. You could be introducing these a little earlier or later.

In general, these are perfect foods for 1 year olds and those a little younger!

Wait, I’m worried about my baby or toddler choking on solid food!

If you’re worried about your baby choking make sure you check out our guide on baby gagging. Understandably, this is a common concern. Keep in mind that gagging and choking are two different things. It’s quite common for babies and toddlers to gag occasionally.

If your baby or toddler gags a lot with new foods they might be getting used to the texture. Or, they may need help learning to chew.

However, if it’s happening a lot you’ll want to talk to your doctor and for sure head to that guide. This is something I’ve seen a lot as an OT and the sooner you address it the better.

Of course, any concerns at all about your child’s eating or variety of foods should be brought up with your child’s pediatrician.

And, if you’re wondering when you should first serve the ever popular crunchy breakfast cereal, Cheerios, then head to When Can Babies Eat Cheerios.

Are these Food Appropriate for My Baby or Toddler?

These guidelines are based on my experience as a licensed occupational therapist and the 17 years of experience working with hundreds of families. The suggestions are also in alignment with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations.

If your baby hasn’t started eating table foods yet or is CONSISTENTLY REFUSING THEM  and they’re 9 months old or older then please go to this article first for a step by step guide:  how to transition to table foods. 

To be honest, I wanted to have a resource for myself, since Isaac (10 months old) is right in the middle of this transition and I am struggling to make sure he has enough variety.

I do have to admit that Isaac isn’t (hmm, need to choose my words carefully here,) the best eater.

He chews and manages food very well, but unless the texture isn’t right, he isn’t very interested. Of course, this is very frustrating! To make sure I optimize my chances at success (aka: he actually eats something other than Gerber Puffs or Cheerios), I need a go to a list with all of my ideas (plus some new ones), so I am not scrambling in the craziness of meal prep.

If you’re in the same boat, check out our free workshop to help your toddler learn to eat a wider variety of foods.

The list is organized into three categories:

  • fruits/vegetables
  • carbs
  • proteins

When putting together meals, plan for at least one food in each of these three groups. Also, keep in mind that if you mash up a casserole or lasagna, all three categories may be covered in one shot. For example, with the lasagna: spaghetti sauce= protein, noodles= carbs, and meat or cheese= protein.

Let’s get started…

Snag this awesome list of food for 1 year olds to toddlers, and the 9, 10, and 11 month old babies in between learning to eat table and finger foods. Includes a  free printable list too!

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Tips for Feeding Table Foods to Babies

  • Make sure everything you give your baby for the first time is closely monitored. Chew a small piece in your mouth first and pay attention to how hard it is to chew. If it doesn’t break down easily and quickly, it probably isn’t a good choice.
  • Stay calm if your baby coughs or chokes a little, it will happen. If you freak out, they will freak out. If they are coughing or choking on a food frequently, stop giving it to them and re-introduce at a later date.
  • Cut food into small pieces so they can chew it easily. Cut beans in half and make sure meats are soft and moist. Help your baby with foods that are difficult to pick up, don’t make the pieces bigger until you are sure they can manage them.
  • This is a list of table foods, not necessarily finger foods, although many of them are. For example, spread hummus on crackers or serve cottage cheese.
  • Have your baby or toddler eat with the rest of the family. It’s the best way for them to see other’s eating a variety of healthy meals and food groups. They learn so much from watching YOU eat!
  • If your baby is under 1 they’ll still be drinking formula or breast milk. You can serve some during the meal in an open cup, straw, or sippy cup. Children at this age typically don’t need fruit juice, but water is a great option. Once a child has their first birthday they can be transitioned to cow’s milk.
  • At every meal offer a fruit or vegetable, carb, and protein for a balanced meal. Snacks don’t have to include a protein. Baby food is optional, but by this age focus on moving them towards all table food at a meal.
  • Cutting foods into small pieces can be a pain, but offer small pieces that are easy to pick up and small amounts so they aren’t overwhelmed. This also helps prevent choking hazards of overstuffing and too large pieces that they can’t manage. You can also cut food into stick shapes if your child is able to manage that well.

Get this awesome list perfect for 1 year olds, toddlers, and babies learning to eat table and finger foods from a feeding therapist and mom. Grab a free printable list too!

  • This suction mat is also my favorite if your using a chair that pulls right up to the table or if your going to a restaurant. Check out the little pocket to catch the food, brilliant. I used this with all three of my kids, and it’s held up amazingly! Seven years of use, not too shabby.
  • If you use a high chair, these suction bowls are awesome for trays!

Before we move on, if your baby is 9-10 months old and struggling to eat table foods, be proactive. They can learn to eat with some specific strategies.

Check out the free workshop that will help you get your baby or toddler on the right track: 5 Big Feeding Mistakes That Are Stopping Your Child From Learning to Eat Table Foods Workshop. Includes a free workbook:)


Food Ideas for 10 -11 month and 1 Year Olds

Protein Ideas

Meatballs (gluten and dairy free optional with this link)
Cheese shredded from a hand grater (it is thicker and easier to grab this way)
Chicken (make sure it is softer texture)
Turkey (ground or breast/cutlet)
Hard-boiled Egg
Scrambled Egg
Black Beans
Cheese Spreads
Cottage Cheese
Ricotta Cheese
Crumbled Goat Cheese (or use as a spread)
Plain Pulled Pork (make sure it is extra soft)
Shreds of Pot Roast  (make sure it is extra soft)
Tzatziki Sauce (may need to puree if there are large pieces of cucumber in it)
Peanut Butter (now safe to give to babies and toddlers, spread thin or thin out with water)
Olive oil (great healthy fat, drizzle on top of carbs or veggies)


Carb Ideas for Baby and Toddler

Plain or Buttered Bread
English Muffin
Corn Grits/Polenta
Brown Rice
Short Pasta
Graham Crackers
Town House Crackers
French toast

Cream Of  Wheat
Fruit and Vegetable Breads (i.e. zucchini, banana, etc.)
Corn Bread


Fresh Fruit/Vegetable Ideas for Baby and 1 Year Old

Sweet Potato
Cooked Diced Apples
Cooked Diced Carrots (great to use pieces from soups)
Cooked Diced Celery
Pureed Soups (i.e. tomato, butternut squash)
Inside of Baked Potato
Mashed Potato
Mashed Sweet Potato
Broccoli (make sure this is extra soft)
Cauliflower (make sure this is extra soft)
Puree Fruits and use as a spread
Butternut Squash
Raspberries (many babies will find these too tart, but still give it a try)

Spinach (use in casseroles or foods you are mashing up)

*If your baby is struggling with the taste or texture of fresh fruits you can also try freeze dried varieties. They’re also great as quick health snack while you’re traveling.
Snag this awesome list of food for 1 year olds to toddlers, and the 9, 10, and 11 month old babies in between learning to eat table and finger foods. Includes a  free printable list too!


Baby Meal Plans

Below, I am outlining some various meal plans, just to give you some ideas. Many of the meals would suit a toddler or big kid as well. Again, depending on how your child is managing foods, you may need to dice or mash foods more. I would encourage you to think of what you are eating and if you could modify it for your baby. Ideally, you want your baby (soon to be toddler) to be eating what you are eating.
This may mean some planning ahead.
Mash up or chop what you are eating into small pieces. Once you get into this frame of mind, you will be surprised to think of all the foods your baby can enjoy, too!
Also, I try to vary textures at each meal. Meaning, I want one kind of food that needs to be eaten from a spoon and at least one that is finger-fed. It doesn’t always work out this way, but that’s the goal, especially as they are transitioning off of all pureed foods.

Breakfast Ideas for 10 -11 Month and 1 Year Olds

  • English muffin with cream cheese and chopped strawberries
  • Cottage cheese (depending on age, may need to chop coarsely in food processor), diced pear, and graham crackers
  • Diced hard-boiled egg, diced toast with butter, and applesauce
  • Cream Of  Wheat with pureed berries and plain whole milk yogurt (yes, mix this all together)
  • Pumpkin waffles and diced banana

Check out toddler breakfast ideas for more inspiration.


Lunch Ideas for 10-11 month and 1 year Olds

  • Tortilla folded in half (quesadilla style) with a little melted cheese inside and mashed avocado
  • No sugar added applesauce, zucchini bread, and shredded mozzarella pieces
  • Tomato soup with black beans and blueberry cornbread
  • Hummus spread on pita with diced fruit salad (or whatever fruit you have on hand)
  • Shreds of pot roast in tzatziki sauce and pureed mango-banana sauce (blend pieces of mango and banana together, leaving it a little chunky)

Head over to toddler lunches for 17 more easy and healthy ideas perfect for 1 and 2 year olds!


Dinner Ideas for 10-11 Month and 1 Year Olds

  • Ricotta or cottage cheese, spaghetti sauce, spinach, and whole wheat noodles chopped coarsely through a blender or food processor. Also, give some pieces of noodles to finger feed
  • Tilapia, steamed and slightly overcooked broccoli, and polenta
  • Meatballs, barley, and diced carrots
  • Mashed sweet potatoes, tender turkey breast or cutlet, and pieces of buttered bread
  • Canned salmon (I always use wild Alaskan), quinoa, and diced apples/butternut squash

Find even more food ideas for babies and toddlers in Ultimate List of Baby/Toddler Meal Ideas and if you’re looking specifically for high calorie foods, click on over to High Calorie Foods for Baby and Toddlers.


Want a Free Printable Food List for 10-11 Month and 1 Year Old’s?

Yup, you heard me right, get a printable of tons of finger food ideas for babies, it’s something I’ve written about a lot here on Your Kid’s Table. You can print this out and hang it right on your fridge. I’ll send it right to your inbox!

Free toddler meal ideas printable! Tons of ideas, that are totally do-able.

Grab your free toddler/baby table foods printable here.

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Alisha Grogan is a licensed occupational therapist and founder of Your Kid’s Table. She has over 17 years experience with expertise in sensory processing and feeding development in babies, toddlers, and children. Alisha also has 3 boys of her own at home. Learn more about her here.



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