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I’m Alisha Grogan, a licensed pediatric occupational therapist with over 14 years of experience. Plus, I’m a mom to three boys of my own.  In 2012, I started Your Kid’s Table because I found myself constantly repeating the same information over and over again as friends and former clients called to ask questions about feeding kids and sensory processing (both specialties of mine as an OT). Something kept nagging me that people really needed this seemingly elusive information that I had.

Alisha Grogan is a Duquesne University alum and holds a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from 2004.  She has primarily worked in the early intervention program for Allegheny County in Pennsylvania, which provides in-home therapy to children 0-3 years of age. Alisha also spent several years in Easter Seals of Pittsburgh working as a school therapist in approved private schools and directly in students home through PA Cyber Schools.

Alisha began her career at Lynne Isreal and Associates in Washington D.C.  As an OT in this private practice, she had the opportunity to work at a progressive and innovative therapy based summer sensory camp, provide outpatient occupational therapy, and treat directly in the school setting.

Throughout these various settings, Alisha has worked with children from birth through 21 years old.

Alisha has also completed a variety of continuing education courses on children’s feeding skills and sensory processing.  In part, those courses have shaped her clinical approach and strategies. Some of the information you find here is based on her exprience using those strategies.  Alisha particularly loves and recommends the S.O.S. (Sensory, Oral, Sequential) Approach to Feeding and Talk Tools.

*Alisha is licesensed as an occupational therapist in the state of Pennsylvania and nationally certified by the National Board Certification of Occupational Therapist (NBCOT).


Jeans are my thing, I’m pretty cranky if I have to wear anything else, unless it’s a humid day in Pittsburgh, which it often is in the summer. I’m a Trader Joe’s groupie and love a good deal. My friends will tell you that I like to talk. A lot. And in detail… Has that come across here?

My husband is pretty awesome in general, but is also really good at building stuff, so we are always involved in some DIY project. I love art and design, so we make a good team. Before deciding to be an OT (and I’m glad I did), I spent my whole life dreaming of being an artist.  My boys, Sam, Isaac, and James can sometimes be found pretend playing they are blogging on their toy computers!


I have always desired to give parents real help and solutions to all things feeding and sensory from my unique point of view as a mom and OT.  I have seen it all when it comes to eating and sensory processing.   Numerous families welcomed me into their homes to help and I sat on their floors or around their kitchen tables or consulted across a Skype call to help them overcome challenges that seemed impossible. Maybe even more importantly, I have experienced these same challenges first hand in my own home, with my kids. I get how hard it is to have dinner on the table or to have a baby that refuses food or a child that won’t wear jeans. I GET IT!

Over the years, I’ve become even more passionate about educating parents and providing them with resources that can really help them help their own children because the lack of education and resources is staggering.

I believe that every parent can feel confident about effectively supporting their child through feeding milestones like learning to eat table foods, drinking from a straw, and feeding them self with a spoon.

I also believe that all parents can enjoy family meals and manage picky eating in a way that is stress-free.

And, I believe that sensory processing doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing, but instead can be understood and applied to help a wider variety of children than many realize.

Of course, I know this is only possible with education, and that is the drive behind Your Kid’s Table.  I desperately want to inform and educate as many parents as possible, parents just like you, so that we can begin to make a real change about how parents approach and help their children eat and engage in sensory activities.  That’s not too much to ask, is it? I hope not, because it’s time!

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