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With over 200 blog posts published on Your Kid’s Table, every single one of them is created to be a resource for parents. Our goal is to give parents and caregivers simple, but detailed strategies to help their child overcome challenges and/or support their development in the best way possible. We focus primarily on all aspects of feeding and sensory processing because there is little or unreliable information on both. Yet, as you know, so many children struggle in one or both areas. Many therapists and other professionals read our posts everyday to get inspired, learn a new strategy, or share a helpful resource with a client.

Free Workshops

To give families and therapists more strategies, beyond a blog post, we also have 3 free workshops available. These workshops provide core strategies and useful tips that can be implemented or shared with clients right away. You can use the links below to get a spot in one of our workshops or share the link with a family that may need more help with strategies to use outside of a therapy session.

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AOTA CEU Certified Courses


Your Kid’s Table is an official Approved Provider of professional development for the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). While our courses were originally designed with parents in mind, many therapists have learned new skills in the specialized practice of feeding and sensory processing. Our courses are particularly helpful for therapists because they include dozens of handouts that as a student of our course, you can share with any client on your caseload. The resources and tools in these programs literally make your job easier! 


A Word

From The Creator Of Your Kid’s Table

“I’m an occupational therapist that has worked with children in a variety of settings since 2004. When I started Your Kid’s Table in 2012, I wanted to share all the stuff we know as therapists that parents don’t. Because that stuff, our therapy tips, tricks, and perspectives, can change a family’s life. I’m humbled by the millions of people that visit our site each year. Including the therapists like you that are always looking for one more strategy, want to improve their practice, or share resources with the families they service. We’re cut from the same cloth. I’m grateful for your dedication to the children in your care!”

– Alisha Grogan


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Get inspired with the list of feeding goals for picky eaters that's perfect for OT's and speech therapist's that are providing pediatric feeding therapy!

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