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Connect deeper with your child and other parents who get it.

Build new connections in your child’s brain with a  simple weekly activity.

Improve sensory issues, executive functioning, emotional regulation, and challenging behaviors in a unique membership experience that could change your life.

As a parent of a child with extra needs, do you ever feel…

  • Overwhelmed?
  • Burnt out?
  • Alone?
  • Confused about how to handle behaviors?
  • Hurt at how others judge your child or your parenting?
  • Worried about your child’s future, their social skills, their grades?

If you’re nodding your head yes, you need to know…

More kids than ever have challenges with attention, sensory processing, emotional regulation, and many other developmental skills.  Parents have unprecedented challenges with the bombardment of media, ever changing advice, and excessively busy schedules. 

The combination leaves many of us feeling like we’re on a treadmill that we can’t get off, while we watch our kids get another day, another month, another year older.  

New challenges come up, and we try our best, but often feel like we fall short.  

BUT, I believe it doesn’t have to be that way. It starts with a community, not one that’s competing with any algorithm, but a real community of parents who are in the trenches fighting for their kids and seeking a meaningful connection with them.

From there, it grows to intentionally using simple but key activities to promote regulation and new skills in a way that’s do-able without hours of videos of watch and multiple steps to complete.  

The result is stepping off that treadmill and finding that you feel energized, clear, confident, and connected to your child.

And that changes everything, my friend. 

What’s included in the Connection Hive:

Weekly Connection Activities

Each Sunday morning, you’ll find a simple but powerful activity that builds connection and improves regulation.  Every activity includes variations for younger/older kids and ways to incorporate it easily into your routine, often with a short video demo or graphic. Easy to follow and put into action right away.

Zoom Live Q&A with Alisha

On the first Wednesday of the month, we get to talk to each other. I answer your questions about the challenges your kid is having, parenting, building connection for 1-2 hours. You can submit your questions in advance if you can’t make it live. 

Monthly Members-Only Podcast

On the third Wednesday of the month, you’ll get a special members-only private podcast with a range of topics that are designed to support YOU and build connections in and with your child, which will be housed right in our Connection Hive app. 

Community In A Private App

Not on Facebook? Sick of social media? Us too! That’s why everything inside of The Connection Hive will be housed on the Mighty Networks app. OG desktop user? You can sign in there too, but the bottom line is that everything will be in one handy place, including a killer community of parents just like you and OT-Mom coaches to answer all your questions and cheer you on every step of the way! 

Hey, I’m Alisha!

I’ve been a pediatric occupational therapist for 20 years, and I love all of the brain building exercises, strategies, and techniques. I totally nerd out on them.  

BUT, I’ve also been a mom for 14 years. The mom of kids with ADHD (aka poor executive functioning skills), anxiety, sensory issues, and big emotions. 

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, worried about the future, and confused about what to do next. In the midst of my kid’s challenges I’ve had some of my hardest moments in life as I felt completely drained with little else to give. 

But, focusing on connection with my child above all else, on connecting with other supportive parents (which has saved my sanity), and focusing on small activities that don’t add to the overwhelm, but steadily build new connections in my kid’s brain has brought peace, clarity, and strength to fight for the growth.

So I created this membership because I need it, because I think you need it too. I believe in it so much, I made it at a price that’s a no-brainer even though the value is so much more. Your Starbucks order is probably more! 

Connection is changing my life, and I can feel in every fiber of my being that it can change yours too!

Alisha Grogan is also the founder of the popular parenting and therapist website, speaker, and creator of a variety of online courses. 



How can this only be $9? Does it really have value?

Sooo many parents need this, and I don’t want price to be a barrier for anyone.  So yes, it’s only 30¢ a day, and a lot of online marketers would tell me that this is way too low for what we’re giving in the membership.  

While the value is $29 a month, my goal is to create a space for parents of kids with big needs that’s not on a social media platform, but still with the convenience of an app.

Parenting is so hard! Is this just going to be another thing I feel like I have to fit in?

The Connection Hive is designed for the busy and overwhelmed parent! It’s all in a convenient app—you don’t have to go to a Facebook group or get logged out of your browser window. 

It’s a curated feed and collection of just what you need to know. Who has time for anything more?

Every activity, podcast, and resource inside is digested easily and quickly without feeling overwhelmed to give you the direction you’ve been looking for!

My kid has Autism/ADHD/SPD/no diagnosis, will this be helpful for us?

The activities you’ll get each week in the Hive are for a very wide range of kids whether they have a diagnosis or not. Each activity has variations for making it more easy, how to give your child assistance, and how to make it more challenging, all while still being beneficial.

Everything shared is beneficial to all children’s development. You are welcome here!

Tell me more about the Connection Activities. What are they exactly and how can I use them with my kid?

The weekly connection activity will be waiting for you in the app every Sunday morning so that you can use it with your child throughout the week.  Of course, you’ll have access to all the activities as the membership continues on and can look for inspiration or specific activities at any time. 

Each activity will have a simple written description, quick video overview, the developmental skills it targets, variations for making it easier/harder, and do-able ways to fit it into your routine, without setting aside loads of extra time. 

Most activities will also include a video and/or graphic demonstration as well!

Can I end my subscription at any time?

You have the option to join monthly or quarterly, which includes some incredible bonuses. You can cancel your monthly or quarterly membership at any time, and you won’t be billed at the next billing cycle.

Still have a question or any special needs requests? Reach out at:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately portray The Connection Hive membership and the assistance it provides. However, there is no guarantee that this membership will improve your child’s challenges. Your results will be determined by a number of factors over which we have no control, such as your particular situation, your child’s needs, your efforts, etc.

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