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 Hi, I’m Alisha. I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and a mom. I’m passionately dedicated to teaching you how to end the daily struggle of picky eating, sensory needs and feeding babies and toddlers!

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10 Auditory Sensory Activities for Kids and Toddlers

10 Auditory Sensory Activities for Kids and Toddlers

Auditory sensory activities are perfect for helping kids overcome auditory processing disorders, auditory seeking and auditory sensitivities. Try these 10 activities to help with auditory sensory processing. “She is so loud! She yells and talks over me constantly.”...

The 8 Senses Explained: Unraveling the Mystery

The 8 Senses Explained: Unraveling the Mystery

Learn about the 8 senses of the body that make up sensory processing, how they work, what they each do, and how the 8 senses relate to kids with sensory processing difficulties. Most of us know that there are 5 senses, we learned about them in kindergarten, but there...

What Parents Need to Know About Sensory Dysregulation

What Parents Need to Know About Sensory Dysregulation

Learn what it looks like for your child to be in sensory dysregulation and how to help them get out of it and prevent it in the future.   Most days at school Zoey* was a handful.  Her fiery red hair would blur as she quickly ran around the room, touching...

3 Signs it’s a Sensory Meltdown, Not a Tantrum

3 Signs it’s a Sensory Meltdown, Not a Tantrum

Is your child having a sensory meltdown or a tantrum? Learn exactly how to tell the difference between a sensory meltdown vs. tantrum and how to help your child’s sensory processing when they are having a sensory overload meltdown.   As Sarah lifted her son into...

8 Sensory Seeking Activities to Calm a Wild Child

8 Sensory Seeking Activities to Calm a Wild Child

Use sensory seeking activities to calm and organize sensory seeking behaviors in your "wild" child or toddler that seems to never stop moving. Would you describe your child as wild, rough, or dangerous on a regular basis? If so, those could be signs of sensory seeking...

So excited to have [sensory] explained so concisely. I was aware of many of these things intuitively but find it difficult to explain to my hubby [regarding our kids whose behavior he often saw as disrespectful and bad]…Also at my school I see many children who are in time out at lunch who are being punished because of sensory needs and executive function challenges…I feel much more confident to advocate and work with staff to create win win opportunities for students and staff… I feel like I have a better understanding to support kids in their classes.

– Bronwyn

You gave me confidence and renewed determination

You gave me the confidence and renewed determination to take this on and make a new start… the last two days she ate all three meals at the table. She is eating more volume wise, and is even eating some things she was not before. I am very encouraged at her progress and that helps keep my commitment level is high… It is working!!!!!

– Jamie

As a pediatric massage & touch therapist specializing in ASD, SPD & ADHD, this is the most complete and comprehensive training I have undertaken specific to my field.   The course is professional from beginning to end.   How the course is designed, the true life scenarios, the down to Earth explanations all work together for the learner to feel successful, knowledgeable and, empowered in their learning.  The program handouts are clear, concise, and informative.   I know this will elevate my clinic and practical skills and best of all, benefit the children and families that I work with to improve their quality of life.  Thank you to Alisha and team, it truly is an amazing course and I’m grateful I found it.

– Linda

These are the most helpful resources I have ever come across!

The tremendous, relentless stress that used to be our “dinnertime” fell off like a weight of world off my shoulders. My husband says he got his wife back, and I started seeing my precious child smile and laugh and be goofy more often than ever. And for that alone – I am eternally thankful to you, dear Alisha. Thank you for your website and all the advice – they were the most helpful resources I’ve ever come across.

– Tatsiana

So much more understanding!

I am really thankful to be understanding my kids better and being able to see some of their more annoying (to me) struggles from a completely different perspective!  It explains a lot of the struggles and odd things my kids do!

– Sarah

For the first time in two years, our whole family is enjoying all of the same dishes

My son made more progress in 2 months after following Alisha’s advice, than he did in 2 years working on my own. For the first time in two years, our whole family is enjoying the same dishes. My stress level during meal times have dissipated completely.

– Joleen

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