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8 Tips for Kids that Won’t Eat Breakfast Before School

8 Tips for Kids that Won’t Eat Breakfast Before School

Are you frustrated and worried about your kids that won't eat breakfast? Find out if you need to be worried, and 8 powerful tips that could help your child get some food in their belly before school.    Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure....

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Hi, I’m Alisha.  I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and a mom.  I’m passionately dedicated to teaching you how to end the daily struggle of picky eating, sensory needs and feeding babies and toddlers!

You Gave me Confidence and Renewed Determination

You gave me the confidence and renewed determination to take this on and make a new start… the last two days she ate all three meals at the table. She is eating more volume wise, and is even eating some things she was not before.  I am very encouraged at her progress and that helps keep my commitment level is high… It is working!!!!! 


– Jamie

These Are the Most Helpful Resources I Have Ever Come Across!

The tremendous, relentless stress that used to be our “dinnertime” fell off like a weight of world off my shoulders. My husband says he got his wife back, and I started seeing my precious child smile and laugh and be goofy more often than ever. And for that alone – I am eternally thankful to you, dear Alisha. Thank you for your website and all the advice – they were the most helpful resources I’ve ever come across.



– Tatsiana

For The First Time in Two Years, Our Whole Family is Enjoying All of the Same Dishes

My son made more progress in 2 months after following Alisha’s advice, than he did in 2 years working on my own.  For the first time in two years, our whole family is enjoying the same dishes.  My stress level during meal times have dissipated completely.



– Joleen

I Literally Bawled When I Found It Because It Gave Me Validation

I can’t tell you how much finding your article meant.  I literally bawled when i found it because it gave me validation and let me feel like I wasn’t crazy like my friends think I am when I try to explain it.  I have tried to explain to friends and family that it is so much more than picky eating



– Melissa

The Tips In That Were The Only Things That Gave Us A Positive Impact With Our Daughter

We watched one of Alisha’s freebies, and the tips in that were the only things that gave us a positive impact with our daughter. After watching the freebie, we finally got in to see a nutritionist (after a long wait list). He said exactly what Alisha had said in the video!



– Heather

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