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13 Tasty High Fiber Foods That Kids Will Gobble Up

How about some high fiber foods for kids that they'll actually eat to not only increase their overall nutrition, but also help keep them regular in the bathroom and avoid constipation!     You probably haven't given fiber for your child much thought unless you've been...

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Easy Ways to Help Your Kid Focus on Homework

Teach your child how to focus on homework with these easy tips, ideas, and strategies so you can stop the nagging and daily battles over getting it done!     You feel guilty, you should be looking forward to seeing your kid after a long day, but you know what's about...

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Why Hiding Veggies in Your Kid’s Food is a Mistake

What if hidden veggie recipes caused more harm than good for kids eating? Find out what you can do instead to help teach your kid to enjoy vegetables throughout their whole life without making picky eating any worse than it already is.      Long before I had children...

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How to Soothe Your Child’s Cold Naturally

Give your child or toddler safe relief from that nasty cold with these 5 natural remedies that soothe!     It was a heartbreaking moment, and I felt totally helpless.  My two year old was laying in my arms with a cough that sounded like a seal basking in the sun on...

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What Parents Need to Know About Sensory Dysregulation

Learn what it looks like for your child to be in sensory dysregulation and how to help them get out of it and prevent it in the future.         Most days at school she was a handful.  Teachers were on guard, ready to put her behavioral plan in effect because Zoey*...

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Hi, I’m Alisha.  I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and a mom.  I’m passionately dedicated to teaching you how to end the daily struggle of picky eating, sensory needs and feeding babies and toddlers!

You Gave me Confidence and Renewed Determination

You gave me the confidence and renewed determination to take this on and make a new start… the last two days she ate all three meals at the table. She is eating more volume wise, and is even eating some things she was not before.  I am very encouraged at her progress and that helps keep my commitment level is high… It is working!!!!! 


– Jamie

These Are the Most Helpful Resources I Have Ever Come Across!

The tremendous, relentless stress that used to be our “dinnertime” fell off like a weight of world off my shoulders. My husband says he got his wife back, and I started seeing my precious child smile and laugh and be goofy more often than ever. And for that alone – I am eternally thankful to you, dear Alisha. Thank you for your website and all the advice – they were the most helpful resources I’ve ever come across.



– Tatsiana

For the First time in Two Years, Our Whole Family is Enjoying all of the Same Dishes.

My son made more progress in 2 months after following Alisha’s advice than he did in two years working on my own. For the first time in two years, our whole family is enjoying all of the same dishes. My stress level during meal times has dissipated completely. 



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