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What if I told you there are three keys to turning your picky eater around?

Does that sound way too easy? For many kids it is, and even for the most severe picky eaters, there are 3 key strategies that are the foundation for your child eating more foods. In fact, without using these 3 keys it is nearly impossible for your child to eat a wider variety or have a lifelong healthy relationship with food. They are a big deal!

I believe in these strategies with all my heart because I’ve seen them work over and over and over again with families I’ve worked with all over the world, not to mention in my own home. I know how to make these keys work easily, and you can, too when you attend this free workshop.

What You’ll Learn

Key #1

How to create an environment that your child will be open to trying new foods in, or at least exploring them.

Key #2

Game changing simple techniques for a mealtime routine that promotes eating new foods.

Key #3

What you can do to the food you offer your child that will unlock the door to new foods (the answer might surprise you).

Alisha is the creator of the popular website and blog, Your Kid’s Table, as well as Mealtime Works, the complete online picky program. She’s a pediatric occupational therapist with over a decade of experience working directly with families to improve how and what their children eat. Alisha is a mom to three young boys that have given her the chance to put her strategies and feeding solutions into practice on a daily basis.

What Parents Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, here’s what other parents had to say:

“I’ve been applying the strategies I learned in the workshop and my boy has now tried cucumbers and fish sticks….. which he would have rather died than trying before. Thank you!”


“Thank you again for the workshop, I have started implementing your steps and the dinner time tantrums have already stopped. I did not realize how much pressure I was putting on her at meal time.”

“This workshop was great! I’m already using the simple solutions I learned with my own picky eater at home and the family’s I work with on a weekly basis.”
Lindsay (Mom and Pediatric SLP)

You're Going to Learn So Much!

Put an end to the food battles and worry

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