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Starting Solid Foods

Starting solid foods with your baby can be an exciting and nerve racking time. Here you’ll find the best practices for how to spoon feed, when to introduce baby food, and how to transition to table foods. Looking for food ideas? Grab our Mega List of Foods for Babies and Toddlers below!

Top 5 Guides for Starting Solids

Child Development Skills

If you want to support and encourage kids' overall developmental skills, you’re in the right place.  You’ll find incredible guides here on core strength, fine motor skills, executive functioning skills, and lots more. Check it all out below!

Top 5 Developmental Skill Guides

School Age Kids

From preschoolers to kindergartners all the way up through the elementary school aged years, this is the place to get all the strategies targeted towards school age kids! Check out our free meal plan for kids and how to help kids fall asleep!


Learn more about kids nutrition, especially as it pertains to picky eaters! Find tasty recipes, portion size recommendations, and even how to teach kids about nutrition.

Top 5 Nutrition for Kids Guides


With every one of our picky eater and family friendly recipes, you’ll find simple strategies for helping kids learn to explore and enjoy them. Check out some of our faves like potato skins, crispy green beans, or our mega list of vegetable recipes!

Sensory Issues

This is the place for ALL things sensory: sensory processing, sensory diet, sensory activities, sensory toys, and more, because as OT’s, sensory is our thing!  Get started by grabbing our printable list of 21 sensory red flags you might be missing.

Sensory Diets

A sensory diet is all about meeting your child’s sensory needs to calm, regulate, and improve focus through specific sensory diet activities. Grab our free sensory diet template and list of sensory diet activities below!

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys can be amazing for encouraging any child’s development, but it's especially helpful for regulating kids with sensory issues. Figure out which sensory toys, like fidgets or a sensory swing are best for your child below.

How to Teach Your Baby or Toddler to Eat Table Foods

As OT’s, we’ve worked with A LOT of babies and toddlers that won’t eat solids. Eating is a skill just like talking or walking, and some babies need more help. Snag our Learn to Eat Table Foods printable to get started!

Top 5 Guides to Help Babies That Won't Eat

Baby & Toddler Feeding Milestones

In the first few years of life, babies and toddlers go through a lot of different feeding milestones, from learning to chew to drinking from a straw. Here at Your Kid’s Table, you’ll find detailed guides for each of the feeding milestones. Check them out below!

Feeding Therapy

Here you will find all sorts of resources about feeding therapy, including feeding therapy strategies like food chaining. To get a printable of 20+ feeding therapy ideas and oral motor exercises, click below!

Top 5 Feeding Therapy Guides

Occupational Therapy

Our team is all occupational therapists, so here you will find incredible resources for and about pediatric occupational therapy. Some of our top picks to check out are spatial awareness activities, primitive reflex testing, and sensory integration!


We have eating and sensory strategies for teens too, and you can find them all here. Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered for teens!

Top 5 Guides For Teens


Get the help you need with our library of strategies to help kids progress in their development or overcome a challenge. Check out our specialties: sensory, picky eating, and babies learning to eat.

Occupational Therapy

Sensory processing and picky eating are both specialties of occupational therapy, whether you’re a therapist wanting to sharpen your therapeutic skills or a parent wanting to take strategies to the next level you’re in the right place! Get started with our Feeding Therapy Guide and Reflex Integration 101.

10 Spatial Awareness Activities that Improve Development

Learn 10 easy spatial awareness activities that improve this important skill that can affect handwriting, hand eye coordination, clumsiness, and more…   Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure. From infancy, babies start learning and building skills that will grow through childhood and take them into adolescence and then adulthood.  Many of these developmental milestones, from first steps, first bike rides without training...


10 Winter Sensory Occupational Therapy Activities

Here are 10 sensory activities for you to include in your treatment sessions and share with parents during the winter months. Learn why sensory activities and “heavy work” are important for all kids, and how to include the proprioceptive system during play.     Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure.   Where I live, the winter months bring cold temperatures, snow, and short days. Warm summer days spent outdoors are a distant memory, and...


7 Best Pencil Grips for Kids Handwriting

Help kid’s pencil grasp and handwriting with the 7 best pencil grips that are perfect for school and home. Learn which pencil grip is the best one for your kid!    Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure.   When I started working with kids as an occupational therapist around 2004, pencil grips weren’t being used as often as they were needed. They were hard to come by, having to order them out of specialty therapy...


Pocketing Food Strategies and Causes in Kids

Learn exactly what pocketing food is, strategies for how to move past it, and why kids, toddlers, and even babies will pocket their food!   She said, “My daughter does this really weird thing… she doesn’t swallow her food and holds it in her mouth, sometimes for hours.” My first response was, as strange as it seems, it’s quite common for feeding therapists like myself to see. It’s called pocketing food. Pocketing food can...


10 Easy Ideas for a Sensory Corner in the Classroom 

Create a simple sensory area or corner in the classroom with 5 easy steps and 10+ sensory tools and equipment ideas for young children through older kids.    Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure.   Having a sensory area in a classroom can help lots of students calm down, focus, and learn more easily.  As an occupational therapist, I’ve helped teachers set up sensory corners in their classroom or at least incorporate some...


20 Signs a Preschooler Needs Occupational Therapy (+ FREE Screening Checklist)

Occupational therapists can help preschoolers with 7 different areas of development. Find out the 20 signs that your child might need OT in the preschool years…   How are things going at preschool?   Do you have a 3, 4 or 5 year-old at home?   Do you know if your child is ready for kindergarten? The preschool years are an especially exciting time for your child to develop many new and wonderful abilities. The years between toddler...


The Sensory Body Sock Complete Guide 2024

Discover when, why, and how to use sensory body socks to help kids calm and improve body awareness. Perfect for sensory seekers, check out this OT’s top picks.   Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure.   Have a kid that’s always bouncing off the walls? Do they love to crash into everything? Maybe they’re clumsy?  Then, a sensory body sock might be a great sensory activity to calm your child and even decrease their...


Food Aversion Explained: Causes, Treatment, & Support

Learn what a food aversion is, how it affects toddlers and kids, and when it’s a sensory food aversion!    Some kids utterly refuse to eat a particular food(s), often the foods parents consider “healthy”. Or, they’re disgusted by strong smells and have food preferences that they will not stray from. Do they have a food aversion???    What is a Food Aversion?   A food aversion is when a child consistently...


12 Feeding Goals for Picky Eaters

Get inspired with the list of feeding goals for picky eaters that’s perfect for OT’s and speech therapists that are providing pediatric feeding therapy! If you’ve found your way here from a Google search as an occupational therapist (OT) or a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for feeding goals for picky eaters, you’ll find a lot of examples below.   But, this is also a parent-friendly post, because I think, as a parent, it’s...


Sensory Self Regulation: A Critical Skill for Kids with Sensory “Issues”

Learn what sensory self regulation is, why it matters, and what sensory strategies improve self regulation skills in kids that have sensory “issues” or difficulties.     Sensory self-regulation is one of those terms that pediatric occupational therapists, like myself, often use with parents. But, what the heck does it mean?? While it might seem like OT jargon, self-regulation is an important skill that many kids with general sensory...


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