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Mega List of Toddler Meal Ideas


Tons of Inspiration

Your toddler is now eating real food and you need ideas to get food in their belly that quick, nutritous, and safe!  Grab this list to make getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table fast and easy.

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Get The Types of Foods That Picky Eaters Actually Eat!


End Stressful Mealtimes

You’re kinda worried about your picky eater’s nutrition, not to mention the struggle trying to prepare a family meal that everyone will actually eat! And, you need some insider tricks and tips for foods that picky eaters won’t turn their nose up at.

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Are There Sensory Red Flags You Could Be Missing?


Sensory Needs in Kids


It’s so frustrating that your child always tantrums, seems edgy, or doesn’t listen. Or, maybe they have some weird quirks and habits that you don’t get? But, you can’t shake the feeling that something deeper is going on. It could be related to their sensory processing!

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How to Teach Your Baby or Toddler to Eat Table Foods


Chew like a champ

It’s alarming when your baby refuses or has trouble chewing their food. They may spit it out, gag, or refuse to even try. You need a plan! How about 10 simple steps to teach your baby the way to eat their food.

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Mega List of Toddler Meal Ideas


Tons of Inspirations


Your toddler is now eating real food and you need ideas to get food in their belly that quick, nutritous, and safe!  Grab this list to make getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table fast and easy.

Click below to snag the Toddler Meal Idea Mega List

Sensory Issues

Sensory issues can affect all areas of a child’s life from sensitivities to picky eating to wild hyperactivity.  Without understanding what sensory processing or which sensory activities to use it can feel overwhelming helping your child calm down or regulate their sensory system. 

Kids without any diagnosis, or those that have Autism, ADHD, or anxiety can have sensory issues. Some kids with sensory issues may have Sensory Processing Disorder, as well. 

In this collection of articles from an occupational therapist learn about sensory integration activities, a sensory diet, and sensory seeking behavior. 


The Sensory Body Sock Complete Guide 2022

Discover when, why, and how to use sensory body socks to help kids calm and improve body awareness. Perfect for sensory seekers, check out this OT’s top picks.   Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure. Got a kid that’s always bouncing off the walls? Do they love to crash into everything? Maybe, they’re clumsy?  Then, a sensory body sock might be a great sensory activity to calm your child and even decrease their clumsiness...


Food Aversion Explained: Causes, Treatment, & Support

Learn what a food aversion is, how it affects toddlers and kids, and when it’s a sensory food aversion!    Some kids utterly refuse to eat a particular food(s), often the foods parents consider “healthy”. Or, they’re disgusted by strong smells and have food preferences that they will not stray from.  Do they have a food aversion???    What is a Food Aversion?   A food aversion is when a child consistently...


21 Sensory Activities for Toddlers that Improve Development!

Easy sensory activities for toddlers that aren’t just fun and keep your kiddo busy, but also help them develop and learn from an occupational therapist!   If there’s one word I’d use to describe toddlers, it’s busy. Dump the toys out, drag boxes out of the pantry, and then chase the cat around the table as they knock everything over in sight. While having a toddler in the house is an exhausting time, it’s also exciting. Toddlers...


Top 5 Posts of Your Kid’s Table Ever (+ the Behind Scenes Story of How it All Began) 

Whoohoo, we’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Your Kid’s Table. Find the top 5 posts of all time and get the scoop on the back story that’s never been told.  10 years ago today, as I’m sitting writing this, I published the very first blog post on Your Kid’s Table in a hope that maybe, just maybe, parents struggling with their kid’s eating and sensory issues would find their way to me.  While a lot has changed...


11 Fun Weighted Lap Pads to Help Kids Sit Still

Check out this amazing weighted lap pad guide to help improve attention, focus, or calming from an occupational therapist, whether your child has autism, sensory processing disorder, or no diagnosis at all!     Don’t you just love a great sensory hack or trick? You know some simple activity or tool that can be a total game changer for your child because it gives them sensory input they couldn’t tell you they needed. As a mom, and...


7 Weighted Blankets to Help Kids Sleep and Relax in 2022!

Everything you need to know about weighted blanket for kids, with and without autism from an occupational therapist. Get the best weighted blanket for your kid in 2022 or make a DIY!     Weighted Blankets for Kids: Everything You Need to Know Have you ever had trouble sleeping? How about your child? I remember when I showed up at Charlotte’s house for the first time, I was her occupational therapist. Her mother immediately said to me,...


Sensory Self Regulation: A Critical Skill for Kids with Sensory “Issues”

Learn what sensory self regulation is, why it matters, and what sensory strategies improve self regulation skills in kids that have sensory “issues” or difficulties.     Sensory self-regulation is one of those terms that pediatric occupational therapists, like myself, often use with parents. But, what the heck does it mean?? While it might seem like OT jargon, self-regulation is an important skill that many kids with general sensory...


4 Sensory Routines to Calm and Organize Kids Through the Whole Day

Check out these 4 easy-as-pie sensory routines that leverage simple sensory diet activities to calm, focus, and organize kids from morning to bedtime.    Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure.   Sensory activities and tools can be a powerful way to help kids calm down, pay attention, and work through challenges they struggle with. And, they can be leveraged at different times of the day, depending on when your child is having...


33 Signs of Sensory Processing Disorder

Learn the important symptoms and signs of sensory processing disorder in toddlers and children from an occupational therapist, and how to get a diagnosis and treatment options for SPD.    Since most parents are never told about sensory processing difficulties, they’re often confused when they see their child acting or responding differently than other children… They may think their child’s behaviors are a little unusual, or...


Toddler Crossing Fingers? This is probably why…

Do you have a toddler crossing their fingers? Worried it’s a sign of autism? Find out the hidden reason why your child is always crossing their fingers… Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure. It seems weird, right? Your toddler is constantly crossing their fingers. Or, maybe just sometimes.   Either way, it seems odd. You haven’t noticed other toddlers crossing their index finger and middle finger.   As an...


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