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Mega List of Toddler Meal Ideas


Tons of Inspiration

Your toddler is now eating real food and you need ideas to get food in their belly that quick, nutritous, and safe!  Grab this list to make getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table fast and easy.

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Get The Types of Foods That Picky Eaters Actually Eat!


End Stressful Mealtimes

You’re kinda worried about your picky eater’s nutrition, not to mention the struggle trying to prepare a family meal that everyone will actually eat! And, you need some insider tricks and tips for foods that picky eaters won’t turn their nose up at.

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Are There Sensory Red Flags You Could Be Missing?


Sensory Needs in Kids


It’s so frustrating that your child always tantrums, seems edgy, or doesn’t listen. Or, maybe they have some weird quirks and habits that you don’t get? But, you can’t shake the feeling that something deeper is going on. It could be related to their sensory processing!

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How to Teach Your Baby or Toddler to Eat Table Foods


Chew like a champ

It’s alarming when your baby refuses or has trouble chewing their food. They may spit it out, gag, or refuse to even try. You need a plan! How about 10 simple steps to teach your baby the way to eat their food.

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Mega List of Toddler Meal Ideas


Tons of Inspirations


Your toddler is now eating real food and you need ideas to get food in their belly that quick, nutritous, and safe!  Grab this list to make getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table fast and easy.

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How to Potty Train a Child with Sensory Issues

Figure out exactly which sensory issues are making potty training difficult for your kiddo. And, get 29 ways to help your kid with sensory issues learn to use the toilet on their own!   Was she losing her mind? Surely potty training isn’t that complicated. All of her friend’s kids seemed to have no more than the usual amount of trouble getting their kids potty trained.  Her daughter was now 4 and had barely made any progress. She seemed...


3 Signs Your Child is Having a Sensory Meltdown, Not a Tantrum

Is your child having a sensory meltdown or a tantrum? Learn exactly how to tell the difference and how to help your child when they are having a sensory meltdown from total sensory overload.     As Sarah lifted her son into the shopping cart she thought… Maybe it wouldn’t happen this time. I’ll be really quick, and besides, I don’t have a choice, I have to get milk and cough syrup. But as soon as Sarah pushed the cart into the...


How to Create a Summer Sensory Routine for Your Kid

Learn how to create a flexible sensory routine this summer for your child with 5 simple steps to help them with their sensory needs so they can play, socialize, follow directions, and have fun!     I love summer. Sipping ice-tea, going on hikes, lazy mornings, and lots of unscheduled time. Unscheduled time might be my favorite part, but all that free time can be a challenge for some kids.   And, while we absolutely want kids to embrace free...


How to Get Picky Eaters Playing With Food So They’ll Eat MORE!

Learn dozens of ways to set up and encourage your child to play with their food so that they eat new and different foods! Playing with food is one of my favorite strategies as an occupational therapist…     Are you cringing at the thought of your child playing with their food? I get it. Playing with food is an awesome developmental activity for kids, even though parents tend to shy away from it, because it can get messy. But, YOU are here....


8 Quick Tips for Kids that Hate Getting Sunscreen Put On

Does your kid run away or freak out when it’s time to put on sunscreen? Grab these 8 quick tips that can help your child to tolerate sunscreen without any tears. Save your sanity this summer!   It’s that time of year… sunscreen. On the daily for a lot of kids. While most kids would rather skip this necessary task that slows down their play, some kids down right hate getting sunscreen put on. And may even have a meltdown.   You...


How to Decrease Screen Time for Kids in 3 Easy Steps

How much is too much screen time for kids? And, how the heck do you actually get them to cut back on that much loved screen time? Find out how by using 3 simple steps you can literally do today!   Smart phones, tablets, TV’s, and computers surround most of our lives.  And, our kids’ lives.  Having your kid watch a screen or play with an app while you get dinner ready or take that important phone call can be a lifesaver, but even from a...


Visual Perceptual Activities: 4 Ways to Boost Your Kids’ Development

Visual perceptual activities are an essential part of development and learning. Kids use visual perceptual skills every day during daily routines. These skills are building blocks for the brain!      Have you heard of visual perceptual skills? They’re a critical part of every child’s development, but it’s another one of those areas that just isn’t talked about much with parents. When a child has visual perceptual difficulties, they may struggle...


Teaching Belly Breathing to Kids So They Can Calm Down

Learn how to easily teach belly breathing to kids from ages 2 through teens. Belly or diaphragmatic breathing has been proven to reduce stress, overwhelm, and anxiety!      Just take a deep breath. Have you ever said that to your child? Maybe when they’re running wild? Or, when they’re so worried they look like they’re about to have a panic attack? Or, when they’re angry, and their behavior is spinning out of...


3 Rumors About Kids With Sensory Issues That Aren’t True!

I’m revealing the truth about these common, but dangerous, rumors parents are often told about their kids with sensory issues. Learn more so you can help your child overcome sensory issues.    It’s a shame that something as common as sensory issues is, at best, misunderstood and, at worst, totally unknown to many parents and professionals that work with kids. There are so many rumors, myths, and straight up lies about kids that have sensory...


Interoception: The Secret Sense That Controls Appetite, Toileting, and Emotions

Finally understand why your child has trouble with appetite, eating too much, toileting, or big emotions. It’s all related to interoception, and I’m teaching you 3 ways to help your child that struggle in these areas.     Not only was her daughter a picky eater. She never seemed hungry. It was like she had no appetite at all and could go for hours on end without eating a thing… Their son was a bright boy, but he could not get the...


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