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Get Food Ideas Specifically For Picky Eaters!


If you’re worried about your picky eater’s nutrition, want to make mealtimes less stressful and need some insider tricks to get your picky eaters eating then grab our Picky Eater Meal Ideas Free Printable!

Are There Sensory Red Flags You Could Be Missing?


It’s so frustrating when your child has frequent meltdowns, never stops moving, or doesn’t listen. These are all signs of sensory "issues" but there are more.  Learn more with our 21 Sensory Red Flags You Might Be Missing.

How to Teach Your Baby or Toddler to Eat Table Foods


It’s alarming when your baby refuses or has trouble chewing their food. They may spit it out, gag, or refuse to even try. You need a plan! How about 10 simple steps to teach your baby how to eat table foods.

Sensory Issues

Sensory issues can affect all areas of a child’s life from sensitivities to picky eating to wild hyperactivity.  Without understanding what sensory processing or which sensory activities to use it can feel overwhelming helping your child calm down or regulate their sensory system. 

Kids without any diagnosis, or those that have Autism, ADHD, or anxiety can have sensory issues. Some kids with sensory issues may have Sensory Processing Disorder, as well. 

In this collection of articles from an occupational therapist learn about sensory integration activities, a sensory diet, and sensory seeking behavior. 


Toddler Crossing Fingers? This is probably why…

Do you have a toddler crossing their fingers? Worried it’s a sign of autism? Find out the hidden reason why your child is always crossing their fingers… Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure. It seems weird, right? Your toddler is constantly crossing their fingers. Or, maybe just sometimes.   Either way, it seems odd. You haven’t noticed other toddlers crossing their index finger and middle finger.   As an...


Sensory Issues & ADHD: What Every Parent Needs to Know!

There’s a big connection between ADHD and sensory issues that’s often not explained to parents, but can have a big impact on sensory overload, social interactions, and focus!  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a common neurodevelopmental condition that’s most often diagnosed in children. Although, adults can receive the diagnosis too! In 2016, the CDC estimated that about 10% of children have ADHD.  That’s...


Morning Sensory Routines to Get the Day Started On The Right Foot

Lots of kids struggle getting up in the morning, getting out the door, or being focused at school or daycare. Use these 7 morning sensory routines full of sensory activities and positive parenting skills!    It’s a story I’ve heard 1000 times… They’re so irritable when they wake up in the morning, they cry/yell/tantrum/start fights, won’t eat breakfast… They’re so wild in the morning, it’s difficult to get...


How to make a Smooth Transition Back to School after Holiday Break 

It’s common for kids to struggle to transition from the mid-year long holiday break to returning to school. Learn how to help your child have as smooth of a transition as possible this year! A must-read for kids with sensory processing needs, SPD, ADHD, anxiety, and ASD.   I had no idea what had happened. My son never had a problem going to school or leaving me. I didn’t see it coming when in first grade, after the long holiday break, he began...


What is Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD)?  A Diagnosis for Extreme Picky Eaters

Learn exactly what this new diagnosis of Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD) means for picky eater kids, how it differs from ARFID, and how to help kids overcome PFD with ways that align that with positive parenting.   Have you heard the news? As of October 1st, 2021 there is a brand new diagnosis for kids. It’s called Pediatric Feeding Disorder, or PFD, and is much needed. As an occupational therapist that specializes in feeding, my hope is that it helps...


7 Ways to Help Kids Sensitive to Hair Brushing!

Does your kid hate or freak out when it’s time to get their hair brushed? You’re not alone! Try these 7 ways to help kids with sensory issues and needs with hair brushing. Get the best hairbrush and detangle picks too!    Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure.   A lot of kids don’t like getting their hair brushed, but some kids have a down right freak out, scream at the top of their lungs, or run and hide in terror...


Why Some Kids Gag and Throw Up When They Eat or Even Look at Food!

Does your kid gag or throw up when they look at, touch, or taste a new or different food? It seems odd and is worrisome, but it’s critical to understand why your child is gagging/vomiting and how you can help them!   Your heart skips a beat when you see your child gag. Are they choking? Are they going to throw up? Is everything okay??? You rush to their side to figure out what’s going on, but it’s unclear why they’re gagging or even...


4 Simple After School Routines That Will Cut Out Chaos

After school routines can help kids calm and transition back to being at home after a long school day. Check out these 4 simple after school routines for kids of all ages.   She walked in the door after a 7 hour school day and already seemed edgy.  When her mom asked her how her day was, she said “Terrible.” Unfortunately, this response wasn’t any cause for alarm because Kayla often reported the school day was awful, bad, or terrible....


7 Yoga Poses to Calm Kids Down FAST!

Get your hands on 7 yoga poses that are easy for kids, but help them calm down whether their anxious, overstimulated, or have sensory issues. Easy to follow photos and descriptions for each calming yoga pose for kids.   It’s no secret that more than ever kids are struggling with anxiety and sensory issues. Both can cause a child to be edgy, upset, sensitive, or hyper. Those actions and emotions put kids on high alert or may even lead to a sensory...


The Best Fidget Toys for School that Help with Wiggles and Attention

Find the perfect fidget toy for school to help your child focus and sit still while they’re learning in the classroom. You’ll also learn what fidget toys teachers can’t stand and usually ban from their classrooms!     Affiliate links used below. See our full disclosure.   It’s time for back to school, and while you may be excited to embrace that school routine again, you also want to give your kid some tools to help them...


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