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Mega List of Toddler Meal Ideas


Tons of Inspiration

Your toddler is now eating real food and you need ideas to get food in their belly that quick, nutritous, and safe!  Grab this list to make getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table fast and easy.

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Get The Types of Foods That Picky Eaters Actually Eat!


End Stressful Mealtimes

You’re kinda worried about your picky eater’s nutrition, not to mention the struggle trying to prepare a family meal that everyone will actually eat! And, you need some insider tricks and tips for foods that picky eaters won’t turn their nose up at.

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Are There Sensory Red Flags You Could Be Missing?


Sensory Needs in Kids


It’s so frustrating that your child always tantrums, seems edgy, or doesn’t listen. Or, maybe they have some weird quirks and habits that you don’t get? But, you can’t shake the feeling that something deeper is going on. It could be related to their sensory processing!

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How to Teach Your Baby or Toddler to Eat Table Foods


Chew like a champ

It’s alarming when your baby refuses or has trouble chewing their food. They may spit it out, gag, or refuse to even try. You need a plan! How about 10 simple steps to teach your baby the way to eat their food.

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Mega List of Toddler Meal Ideas


Tons of Inspirations


Your toddler is now eating real food and you need ideas to get food in their belly that quick, nutritous, and safe!  Grab this list to make getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table fast and easy.

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5 Smart Sensory Questions Parents Asked: Answered by an OT

Learn what to do when your child has a hard time falling asleep, won’t eat certain textures, what to do when your child is always on the go, and more help for parents who’s kids have sensory needs. Last month, our Your Kid’s Table newsletter community had the chance to ask me anything, and boy did they! This post will be the first of three over the next month or so answering many of their burning questions about how they can help their...


How to Keep Kids Focused for Online School

It can be a challenge to keep kids focused on learning online with all the distractions in a home environment. But, with some simple tricks, tools, and strategies, you can teach your child how to focus on online school while improving their attention and concentration!   Thousands of schools all over the world aren’t opening this fall for the first time in modern history. Or, they’re opening under some major modifications, like our school district...


Awesome Sensory Room Ideas That Calm Kids

Get inspired with these easy sensory room ideas for kids! And, learn step by step how to create your own sensory room on a budget. Affiliate links used below.   I was in grad school when I walked into a sensory room for the first time. It was a small dark room with all sorts of softly lit toys and projectors. Melodic music was playing and a child was calmly rocking in a swing in a corner of the room. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I noticed a hugs textured...


How to Identify Sensory Issues in Toddlers

It’s easy to miss signs of sensory issues in toddlers with their characteristic busyness and particularity, but these early signs for sensory sensitivity and sensory seeking can help you improve their sensory development and drastically decrease tantrums!   Got a toddler? Then you know that they never stop, have poor attention, and tend to get into everything. Sometimes they do odd things like eat bits of dirt off the floor or rip their diaper...


What to Do When Your Child Struggles With Anger

Do you have a child that struggles with anger and big emotions? Learn why and how to help them with an amazing parenting strategy to help them cope and manage their emotions in a new way!   I’ve been asked, “What do I do when my child gets angry?”  As an OT, I have a couple of thoughts, but I’m not the expert on anger management for children, so I turned to my good friend and my co-teacher of Sensory Solutions, Wendy Bertagnole of the Exceptional...


Is Your Anxiety Rubbing Off On Your Kid? 3 Ways to Avoid It

When parents are faced with their own anxiety, it can take over their life. Learn how to prevent children from becoming anxious too with three easy strategies!  I don’t have an anxiety diagnosis. But, anxiety has been something I’ve struggled with for most of my life. I didn’t realize how much so until my sons began to experience anxiety at a young age.   I don’t think I caused their anxiety, but there’s no denying the...


Top 10 Sensory Swings for Kid’s Development and Sensory Processing

Sensory swings can help a child calm down, improve attention, and following directions. Learn the top 10 sensory swings for kids and how to use them safely with your child.  Sensory swings are a powerful tool to support and encourage any child’s development. They are even more powerful for kids that have sensory needs, SPD, ADHD, or Autism because they directly work to improve sensory processing. As a result, they can help kids calm down or get the...


9 Tricks for Kids That Hate Brushing Their Teeth

I hear from parents all the time, “Help, my child won’t brush her teeth!”  Discover why and get 9 powerful tips to help your child move past the refusals, battles, and tantrums quick. Affiliate links used below.  It’s a non-negotiable.   It doesn’t matter how much your kid doesn’t like it.   They’ve got to do it.   Or, they’ll end up with dirty teeth filled with cavities in no...


How to Use Essential Oils to Calm Anxious Kids

Learn which essential oils for an anxious child may help them calm and relax. And, 4 easy ways to use essential oils that empower children and teach them how to self calm when their emotions feel bigger they are.     My husband had just come home and he plopped a small, brown paper bag on the table saying, “Allison sent this for you.”   Allison’s a good friend and the day before she listened intently as I explained the...


Easy Obstacle Course to Improve Handwriting

Does your child need some help with their handwriting, fine motor, and letter recognition skills? These 6 activities that can be used alone or in an obstacle course are perfect for preschool and kindergarten age kids, and are easily adapted for older kids too!        Ten years ago, I would’ve been mortified, but in that decade I had 3 kids. I learned a lot about letting go of perfectionism (my former M.O.) and going with the flow.  Well,...


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