1. My son used to it bland chicken dipped in ketchup and nuggets easily. Now at 4, he knows that chicken comes from hens, and refuses to touch any animal products, including egg and meat. I give him minced meat camouflaged in rice or deep fried samosas, but I lie to him about the content. As long as he believes there isn’t any chicken in it, he will eat it. But this strategy won’t last long and I feel guilty lie ing to him.

    • This is a tricky one! Wow, at 4! I hate to pass the buck here, but I think this is a judgement call for a parent. I totally understand how you feel. If it were my kid, I would talk about other protein sources with him and let them help choose some things to eat in advance that you could all eat together. I would continue to try, but talk about what is appropriate dinner conversation. It may be a phase that passes.

  2. Thanks for this! These are some great ideas! My 2 year old used to do really well with meat. He liked turkey meatballs, chicken tenders, pulled chicken from the crock pot and lately he’s been turning his nose up at all of the above. Could this be a developing problem or is he just being 2?

  3. I have a 2 year old who refuses to eat meat. Not even chicken nuggets. I’ve tried small thin diced and even in spaghetti he pushes to side and eats sauce and noodles. Once in awhile he will eat hot dog. Any suggestions? Help!!

    • Like I said above, meat is really tricky for some kids because of the texture. He will likely sort it out. Try cutting the very edges off of chicken nuggets so it is mostly breading at first and use a dip!

  4. When you mention protein sources you totally neglected beans, nuts, broccoli, spinach. Cheese has too much fat in it it and eggs have too much cholesterol.

    • Johnny, That is only good if your doctor told you lay off the cheese and eggs. Does not apply for a developing toddler. The brain is made of up fat and cholesterol, starve the body of those things and the brain will starve too.

      Thank you for these tips! I will try breading different meats now. My son (1.5yrs) used to eat dry chicken, fish and meatballs, now he won’t touch ground beef or chicken (unless it’s crispy and breaded). He seems to be pulling towards either crispy or puree at the moment. Thankfully scrambled eggs are still okay. My blender needs a break, ha ha.

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