1. Our grandson’s dentist who is one of the best pediatric dentists in northern Colorado says that as long as a child is off the pacifier by age 3 it will do no harm to their teeth.

    • Of course I respect your dentists opinion. I can tell you that I have seen children before the age of 3 with their dentition out of alignment- it does depend on how often the child is using the pacifier though. I know people get pretty heated about this issue, but from a development stand point they don’t need it any long past the age of 1- in most cases. Many kids use it much past then and are fine. Being done by 1 is the best case scenario.

  2. Thank you!
    I really needed this, because I was worried about my son’s skill to drink from a cup independently and self feeding with a spoon (hey, who needs a spoon for oatmeal, when you’ve got two hands???).
    Turns out, we are doing fine!

  3. I use glass bottles, which are too heavy for my little one, any suggestions? Ive tried giving him the sippy cup ( he is almost 8 months ) but cant hold the cup up. So he is extremely lost

    • Oh yes, I’m sure they are! Outside of switching to other bottles, the only thing I would do is have him help you or prop up a little support under it, like a little pillow or stuff a blanket to help keep the weight off. He probably just hasn’t had enough practice with the sippy cup. Practice a couple times of day for the next week or two and let me know if you don’t see any progress.

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