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Yeah! Today is the first day of October, we are now into the full swing of fall!  There are so many wonderful opportunities to explore new sensory experiences in this season of change.
I have said many times before that sensory play is more than just a texture bin, although those are great, too.  Kids are able to take in sounds, smells, sights, and even movement as forms of sensory input.  Today, I have 22 wonderful fall sensory play ideas, many from around the blogosphere.  Plenty to keep you busy this month!  I will highlight some of the not-so-obvious sensory input your kiddos will be getting with these activities along the way.  Here’s to a sensory-filled October!

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1. To start our list off, I am going to share the ultimate tactile experience – Pumpkin Guts!  The boys helped take the seeds and pulp out of a small pumpkin that we roasted. 
I do suggest that you proceed with this activity cautiously, if you have a child that is tactile defensive.  This is some intense input, if your child is reluctant, gently encourage and offer a utensil to use instead of their hands.  Hopefully, they will get more comfortable and dive right in as you proceed.
2. Give some proprioceptive (deep pressure) input with Pounding Golf Tees into Pumpkins, as demonstrated by I Can Teach Myself.  This is at the very top of my fall sensory bucket list, I love it.  Besides the sensory benefits, talk about great for fine motor skills!
3. Of course you have to get into some home-made play dough, with lovely fall scents and colors. Try Apple Play Dough from Life at the Zoo…
4. Or Pumpkin Play Dough From a Mom Not a Pro

5. Go on a nature walk and try Collecting Chestnuts or buckeyes like the Happy Hooligans did.  You and the little ones will be taking in the powerful and unique scents, sights, and feel of fall.  Happy Hooligans uses some fun kitchen utensils that work on fine-motor skills, too!  
6. Put other finds from your walk in Autumn Discovery Bottles, a safe way for babies to explore the sensations of fall!
7. Make Eerie Sounds with this fun little noisemaker from Science Sparks
8. Have the kids help you make Pumpkin Spice, Orange Colored Rice from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, looks good enough to eat, well if it were cooked!  Besides the wonderful tactile feedback they get, the color and smell will be stimulating, as well.
9.  Gather fall leaves into piles and let the kids run and jump through them for loads of proprioceptive, vestibular, tactile input, AND fun!

10. Blindfold the kiddies and have them reach them into Guess Bags filled with fall finds, like The Pleasantest Thing did. Wonderful for developing tactile discrimination.  Love this one!

11. Use black beans and Halloween inspired toys to make a go to sensory bin like H is for Homeschooling. You will get a lot of use out of this bin throughout the month and more! 

12. Make “pumpkin cake” in A Jewled Rose’s Pumpkin Scented Cloud Dough.

13. Get messy in Halloween Jelly from Nurturestore.

14. Explore Fall Seeds with tweezers, magnify glasses, and petri dishes from Teach Preschool.

15. Roast a pumpkin and use to mix in with pancakes, waffles, or oatmeal.  Canned pumpkin works fine though, too! Pumpkin is a unique flavor that kids often enjoy.

16. Set up Autumn Mini Discovery Boxes for your child to find and explore through.

17. Make Dry Leaf Confetti and use it to make some fun fall crafts, from Cute and Peculiar.

18. Bake and eat apple chips like the ones from Dream Kitchen.  Talk about how the texture and taste of the apple changes before and after cooking.

19. Create Acorn Paintings with recycled containers, it will be hard to avoid getting messy with this activity. Kids will get deep pressure from shaking the containers up to make their art!

20. Turn fall puddles into Monster Puddles and go splashing!

21. Pretend the kids are squirrels to assemble a Fall Sensory Bin that they dig through while playing outside, from The Pleasantest Thing.  

22. Make glow in the dark slime from A Jeweled Rose!

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Have more ideas or links you would like to share? Please let me know in the comments!  What will be on your list this October?