1. This is such a great post. Thank you for sharing. I have a 3 month old with silent reflux. It took 8 weeks of him crying until he was exhausted all day to finally figure out that he has reflux and also has an intolerance to dairy. At the worst, he would cry for 9 hours a day. Melvin rarely spits up and I had registered nurses telling me that it was just “severe colic.” I was lucky enough that my pediatrician explained to me that there is a BIG difference between colic and reflux and after discussing it, Melvin was put on Zantac. He chokes when he eats still, but has now begun to eat many more ounces at each feeding. It was awful watching my baby be in so much pain for so long, but my instincts told me that something was wrong and that there HAD to be a solution. I just had to find it. So thank you for this post and hopefully it helps other Moms. Acid reflux does NOT mean that there is always spit-up.

  2. Thank you for posting this! My 2 month old daughter Norah was diagnosed with Silent Reflux a couple days ago. I kept going to the doctor, telling them that she was seemingly choking after eating (she was exclusively breastfed at this time), even an hour later after waking up from her naps. They kept telling me it was reflux and she would grow out of it, but to make sure I did these certain things to keep it under control. About a week ago we rushed her to the ER after several episodes in a row were she stopped breathing for 10-15 seconds at a time. The ER doctor told me “if this is reflux, it’s the worst I’ve ever seen.” She was then put through a slew of testings including a MRI, Spinal Tap, EKG, multiple blood tests, and a whole day in the ICU (they were almost convinced that she was having seizures.) After the Upper GI they made the diagnosis. The thing is, Norah never fussed while eating. It was after, sometimes hours after that she would begin to have “episodes” were she would arch her back, her face would turn red, her eyes would bulge and she would stop breathing as small amounts of spit up came out her nose while her hands flailed in front of her tiny little body. We would suction her and she would start breathing again. Screaming for 10-15 minutes afterwards. I didn’t sleep for days at a time. I am glad your son is doing well and it gives me hope for Norah. Sometimes you just have to know someone else has been there and gotten through it 🙂

    • Wow, how scary! My second son with reflux had some scary choking episodes, but thankfully none of them were as serious as that. I think that having trouble with reflux after eating is more “normal” than not wanting to eat. You might look into getting a Res-Q wedge to keep her in a good position. We bought one for Jonathan because he hated his bouncy seat – that position seemed to make his reflux worse. Babies can even sleep either on their backs or on their tummies in the Res-Q wedge. They’re pricey, but if you get an order for your doctor, insurance will often cover the cost!

  3. Good post. My 3 yr old had reflux and mspi milk protein intolerance. She was exclusively breastfed and would cry for up to 6 hours and arch her back. She all had trouble sleeping and needed help around the clock, so we took shifts. Now I have a 2 mth old and he has it too. Both were prescribed ranitidine/ zantac. I elimated ALL dairy from my diet, and onions, cabbage, and oj. My son was choking a lot too and gasping for air. It is heartbreaking to see them be uncomfortable. Good luck, and elevate the head of the crib. They will grow out of it. Although my daughter still to this day has never drank a glass of milk or soy milk. She finally will eat I cream and yogurt.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story Jennifer. Like Sarah’s story I think it so helpful for those just starting this journey to hear that there is an end!

  4. I wish this post was around when my son(age 7 today) had silent reflux! No one believed me and my son was misedable. Luckily at 6mo solida were pretty much all he wanted to eat because it didn’t cause acid. He was on reflux meds until he was almost 4. He still has a sensitive stomach he has to watch his acid intake and when he is stressed. We use tums and other ant acids when that happens. If I had this information I would have gotten him treatment sooner. We had more issues than reflux we had severe sleep issues with it. His baby years were miserable with no one sleeping due to reflux. Now at 7 he has caught up on weight actually going over and having high cholesterol despite a healthy diet. We now try to manage all his health issues with diet 🙂 his cholesterol is now normal and he uses tums maybe when he eats red sauce or lemonade.

  5. I just recently found out that my 3 month old son has silent reflux (thats what the doctors THINK anyway). He only has about 16-20 ounces of formula per day and only 1.5-2.5 ounces at a time then refuses to eat anymore!! We took him to the doctor and hes actually going DOWN on the growth scale so we have to keep an eye on him. The thing is, he isnt that fussy. He just wont eat! They havent prescribed any meds, just switched him to Enfamil AR to see if that helps first. Ive seen improvement that last few days bu today hes back to the same old thing. The most stressful part about it is my baby isnt eatting enough to gain weight! 🙁

    • This is my baby exactly! She doesn’t cry in between feedings but only eats small snacks and isn’t gaining weight properly. It is such a relief to find someone with a similar story! For your baby did it turn out to be reflux? What helped?

    • Been googling and came across your comment. I’m at wits end. I’ve been fighting so it seems to make my 4 month old eat since birth, she eats 1-3 ounces then after burping refuses the bottle and cries when I try to feed her more. She wont eat more, if at all until an hour later. She isn’t fussy any other time, smiles a lot.Shes choked while eating, coughs,hard to burp,projectile vomited probably 30 times or more since birth.. I just cant get her to eat..does it sound like reflux? I’ve tried taking her to outpatients but all they say is shes gaining weight so shes fine…but I know theres something wrong!

  6. I had the same problem with my now 16 month old daughter she was on Zantac as a baby and still has a dairy intolerance we are seeing a feeding specialist but she is on high calorie formula and purees it’s a fight to get her to eat any finger or table foods.

  7. Thanks for your posts. My son was crying alot, he would eat only a few ounces. I remember asking myself whats wrong with this baby. I talked with his doctor about the crying, vomiting, and not eating. He advised me this was normal. My son was not gaining weight as he got older he continued vomiting and i thought he was a picky eater. I changed doctors and informed her about his problems. So finally at 2 1/2 he has been diagnosed with gastritis with the help of a scope and biopsy. Im very happy to finally get some answers. He is on medicine and we have another check-up soon

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story- it will help someone else! I’m so sorry you had to go through all that! Hope some of the other posts here can be a resource for you as you progress forward!

  8. Hello
    Thank you for the information.
    I have a now 7 months old that used to always cry, arch his back while feeding and did not have a very good appetite but never had spitting up or vomiting issues. He is now 7 months old and started to have several episodes of projective vomitng and does not really enjoy solid food. I have changed his formula to alimentum because i thought it was food allergy related but he is still having episode of projectile vomiting. We just went to see a GI specialist and he wants to do and EGD in 7/2013 which he will be 9 months old at that time. I am so worried about him having that procedure so young but it is also heartbreaking knowning your child is not getting enought in his stomach. I don’t know what to do.

  9. I wish I had read this back last summer when my son was born and would not eat (though you didn’t even write it last summer!). Pretty much from day one, my son would take very little from the bottle (we had a lot of trouble breastfeeding him) and then scream and cry. He would act like he didn’t know what to do with the bottle. While his pedi was very understanding it took us a good 3 months before we found what worked, but that was the longest 3 months of my life. Granted we didn’t have to wait 10 months. Since he never spit up the doctor suggested it could be silent reflux, and we tried multiple formula switches and medications before finding one that worked. Hearing other peoples stories I know that my son’s case was mild compared to what others go through, but when you have this little baby that won’t eat, when that is one of the 3 things they are supposed to do, it’s frustrating and heart breaking. We were able to switch to a prescription formula (alimentum) which is broken down milk proteins that would help digest quicker, as well as prilosec. Luckily we found our solution relatively quick, and I am so glad that I was persistent with doctors and my family that something was not right and we needed to keep looking (everyone kept saying it could just be fussy baby, and he’ll outgrow it).

    • Katie thank you so much for sharing your story- you don’t know how many others you could be helping! I can only imagine how difficult it was- don’t minimize it, what you went through was really hard! Yay for listening to those mommy instincts!!!

  10. I’m so glad that you wrote this Sarah and that it was reposted for others to share! Many people are still discovering reflux as the root to so many feeding difficulties and delays, but it is so common in the kids we feeding therapists see for evaluations and treatment! Thanks so much for writing this!!

  11. hiii…I live in India…my 2 month old has all the symptoms of silent reflux that you wrote about….She eats maximum (while half sleeping and sleeping) 2 ounce of formula…she chokes during almost every feeding..she spits up a lot also…She cries a lot, arching her back…she is in the below 5 percentile…my doctor is telling it is normal…I am very scared…

    • Hello Sara- I agree it does sound like reflux. Are you able to see a different doctor and get another opinion or even go to an emergency room when she starts screaming? Or go straight to a GI specialist? I don’t know if these are options in India? If any of them are I would start there. If they aren’t feed her in as much of an upright position as possible and give her small frequent meals. Let me know if I can be of any more help, good luck! Keep me posted.

  12. This is a wonderful post! My daughter suffers from a milk protein allergy, sever colic and silent reflux. We tried all of the medications and nothing seemed to help. Later we found out that the medications can sometimes take away all the stomach acid and make things worse. At 6 months old she was hospitalized due to dehydration and diagnosed with bottle aversion. People around us, including family, still don’t realize what this is really about. The most common phrase people say to us is ‘she’ll eat when she’s really hungry’. They say this out of ignorance. Now at 8 months she still only eats for my husband, myself and the daycare teacher. Solids are a struggle and she’s still a petite little thing. Kudos to you for writing this. Wish I could help spread the word more.

    • Oh yes, the “she’ll eat when she’s hungry” comment! That one is so tough to hear when you have a child who won’t eat. It’s generally true that kids will eat when they’re hungry, but not when there is a pain issue involved! I truly hope that you are on the downhill side of this and that your daughter continues to improve!

    • I suspect my daughter has milk protein allergy and I am breast feeding her. Is this any test which would determine milk protein allergy or its simply elimination of dairy from my diet?

  13. This is pretty much my same exact story with my daughter. I ess wondering if it was Alimentum rtf or the powder weighed for you?

    Was he ever on neocate or elecare? I’m getting ready to maybe do another formula switch and was just wondering what ur experience with formula was since my daughter’s and Owen’s situation sounds very similar. Thank you.

  14. Sarah,
    Your post was very informative and makes me feel much better knowing i’m not alone! I now know why they coined the phrase “worried sick”. My almost four month old daughter has a VERY hard time while feeding. I started out breast feeding her but she would either fall asleep after only a few minutes or pull off and not relatch, so I knew she wasn’t getting near the volume she was supposed to. I decided to exclusively pump (talk about exhausting) at 5 weeks in an attempt to gauge how much she was really taking and she started developing an aversion to the bottle. She gets 1.5-2 oz in and spits it out, arches her back and refuses to take the bottle back unless completely distracted. She will take a max of 3 oz so our pedi suggested fortifying the breastmilk with formula to boost the calories since she takes such a low volume. She is now on zantac, prevacid, and Mylanta…sometimes it seems to help and sometimes it doesn’t. She was in the 25th percentile for weight at her 2 weeks appt and has now dropped to the 3rd.

    Do you have any suggestions of how to:
    relieve her fears of the bottle?
    Make her more comfortable during/after feedings besides the old “hold her more upright”?
    And I am also afraid I cannot keep up with her by exclusively pumping and may need to switch to formula at some point, would you recommend the Alimentum to start?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    • Hi Jamie, because Sarah isn’t regularly checking this post anymore. You can find her though on facebook through the links in the post and she would be more than happy to help. If you can’t get in touch let me know and I ‘ll give you some suggestions.

    • Hi Amrutha- Sarah doesn’t regularly check this page anymore as she guest posted here a while ago. You can find links to her awesome blog in the post and reach out to her there- I’m sure she would be happy to answer any specific questions you have. However, read through all the comments and the post entirely because she has answered a lot here. Let me know if you need more help!

  15. My boy is 3.5months old. When he was 1 month old he started vomiting after every feed. And after a month he was diagnosed with GER.We had a barium swallow test done and also a sonogram done. He was exclusively breastfed till then.

    Now when he completed 3 months, my paed here suggested to start rice cereal in milk to thicken the milk, in liquid form so that he keeps it down. Initially I did it with breast milk..but as I could not do it any further I started it with normal cows milk..amul taza..this was done for 3 days..Later my paed suggested not to use cow milk instead I should use Nan Pro 1 which is more nutritious.

    I have given my baby rice cereal in milk (breast+amul taza ) for a week and rice cereal with nan pro for a week. Now the baby is on nan pro more and less on breast milk. He takes breast milk only at night time.

    The major concern is when I started rice cereal, immediately after 3 days the baby had blood spots in his vomit. For this we have been to a paed surgeon and he said if this continues we will have to operate.

    But fortunately it dint. Again when I started nan pro he did it but very small spot of blood. After a few days, yesterday he did had many strands of blood in his vomit.

    My point in contacting you is, I need ur advice.  Is this because of the rice cereal.  Or because of the nan pro.
    What could be the reason for the blood spotted vomit ??

    Please advice. After the incident yesterday he hasn’t had any blood spot in his vomit. He looks stable and active. All other things are normal.

    Currently the doc has advised we get a EGD done. .is that really necessary ??

    Please advise

    • Hello, this is Alisha here, see the above comment if you were looking for advice from Sarah. As an OT, I have seen many kids that have their bottles thickened with rice cereal, it often causes constipation. I have never heard of it causing blood in vomit. I’m not familiar with nan pro, but doubt it would be caused by that also. It is fairly serious that there is blood in his vomit, I would recommend following the doctors instructions and getting a second opinion if something doesn’t seem right to you. Hope this gets worked out soon for you!

    • Thanks for replying. I have found out that the medicine that he is been given lansoperazole when comes out with vomit looks like dark purple color. .I have stopped it and as suggested by the doc waiting for a week..

  16. thank god i am able to see your post.. its just like reading things that i am undergoing everyday with my little one.. wanted to see if by any chance did he have any symptoms of milk allergy, my little one have silent reflux and do not show any symptoms of milk allergy like rashes or itching. so just want to know the reason why you have tried alimentum.

    • Sarah guest posted here and you can find her in the links in the post and message her directly if you like. But, most docs move to alimentum to try because constant throwing up can be allergy/food intolerance even without rashes or itching. For some kids it makes a big difference.

  17. I am lost. I have been dream feeding for 6 months now, my son is 9 months old now. Nobody believes me.
    He is on Omeprazole for reflux. It doesn`t make a difference.
    We are seeing a feeding specialist, im sad to say that hasn`t helped either. There are no ped gi in our land of enchantment state either.. we live in Albuquerque, NM.
    I am frequently told a baby who is hungry will eat, umm no.. he doesnt

    • Kathi, I am so sorry- I can only imagine how stressful this is. I would consider new doctors and a new therapist if that is an option. If you can’t change the press the feeding therapist for more, let her know exactly how stressed you are. Ask to talk to their boss if they aren’t being helpful. You are right that some kids won’t eat. You may need another combination of meds- see some of the comments above for examples. Please let me know if I can help in a more specific way!

    • Kathi, I believe you. My DC 1 was exactly the same. Went from 75th to 5th percentile. Zantac did not work. Lansoprazole 30 mg daily on an empty stomach helped a bit. What’s your dose of Omeprazole ? I am an MD and no-one believed me either. Dream feeding and food refusing went on till age 18 months. But at 1 year – 18 months eventually DC 1 started to eat a bit of solids. We gave the highest calorie stuff we could – cheese, hot dogs, egg yolks, toast laden in butter, avocado, Beechnut fruit purees that are high calorie and Greek Gods and Libertee Mediteranee Yoghurts which are also high calorie., ice cream, and clam chowder and other creamy soiups. Good news is, we regained the 50th percentile by age 18 months and stopped the Lansoprazole age 2. Now DC is 3.5 and 60th percentile height and weight. So you can claw it back. Mind you he is not a great eater still… but he does eat, and can READ. A great trick when feeding him solids was to let him watch “Your Baby Can Read”. Normally I do not show kids any TV whatsoever, but this distracted him and we could shovel gfood in. And because he watched it religiously for 6 months 2xa day (lunch and dinner) he learned all the words. Then we read simple books like “first Early Readers” and now he can read Beatrix Potter by himself. Unfortunately DC 2 is now here, she’s 3 months and just the same. I want to eat my head. But every day I say to myself – she will be OK, and thank God it is not leukemia. You can do it girl !! It WILL go away. I know it is hard to believe, and it does take 2 frickin years, but it will go away. Just make sure your Omeprazole dose is good enough – at least 20 mg total, or better, 40 mg, That’s equivalent to what we had.

    • And don’t worry. We have seen 4 different pediatric GIs in the best hospitals in New York City. They helped only marginally with the Lansoprazole ! And yes, they say a baby who is hungry will eat to gain weight….WRONG !! They totally starve themselves. Luckily, when they eat solids, which may be VERY delayed, but does happen eventually, they can be given high calorie food, and they can catch up. We should all form a support group !!

    • But yes, there is very little else to do. We could pump our kids full of even more medicine – Lansoprazole 60 mg, or adding Zantac, but I am too scared. I do not want tests either. I know this is what is going on. And yes, “no kid will starve themselves on purpose”…. WRONG !!! They do ! But the good news is, they can be tricked into making it back with high calorie solids. Don’t worry, you still need to keep feeding now, as much as possible, and often, and you may well watch the weight go down and down and down. But eventually they outgrow it. And don’t wean from the bottle. Often that is the only way they will eat later ! My kid was weaned from bottle at 3. So what. Who cares ? Good luck.

  18. Thanks for the post! Our toddler 1 year 5 months, has been diagnosed with silent reflux:( he has lost some weight and he refuses to eat. I’m so worried about him. My questions are: will this slow growth due to reflux affect him in the long run? And, will he have more digestive problems in the future? I don’t want him to be a short guy because of reflux:(

    • Hopefully, the medications will kick in and start to be effective which will turn his eating around. I’m not sure if it will affect his growth in the long run, but it shouldn’t if he starts eating more. If his meds and diet are handled well then he shouldn’t have any other digestive complications. Keep meals positive and keep introducing foods. If you are in the states you qualify for a free in home nutrition and feeding eval. See the article index in the menu bar for: Help for infants and toddlers.

  19. Thank you very much for your information! You have given us hope in knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, my wife and I are struggling with a 9 month old baby that has Acid Reflux, feeding aversion, low weight for his height, dairy intolerant, will not eat solids and then only to be told by the “professionals” that he does not have Acid Reflux but then later to be told that he does in fact have Acid Reflux! Thank you and best wishes from me and my family!

  20. My 4 month old baby girl has just started showing signs of silent reflux it’s getting worse every day I have to rock her to sleep before I can feed her at all no matter what. Other than that she us a generally happy baby. WWhen she was 5 weeks old she did projectile vomit quite often but my midwife told me it was her increasing my milk supply so we gave her a dummy so she wouldn’t comfort such so much and drench our bed and clothes etc. She has always arched her back when waking in the morning but I’m pretty sure that is just her stretching. .. now she arches her back every time I try to feed her in waking hours. We are going to the doctor today but I was wondering if there is anyway to get her to forget feeding hurts and get back to breastfeeding before this gets worse!?!?! I think I ruined it by trying to force her when it started I feel so bad and am now paying for it 🙁 I don’t want her to develop an eating aversion… and it’s only been present 7 days now is it already too late?

    • It is not too late, look through the other comments here, as there is a lot of great advice from other parents. Also, she will likely need to be on medication which could change everything or you may need to change your diet as well. Good luck, the doc should have some answers for you!

  21. Sarah,
    Its so nice to read your post and know there is someone out there who understands you. My pediatrician is only focused on weight gain and does not understand the trouble a parent faces when babies stays hungry, refuses to eat and sucks their fingers all day long. I suspect my daughter has milk intolerance though my Dr thinks its reflux and he prescribed her Zantac. I don’t see any major improved after giving her Zantac 3 times a day for the past 3 month. She is 4.5 month old

    My questions
    1) Is there any test to determine milk intolerance? Does Milk intolerance develop from birth or babies gradually develop it?
    2) I am trying to give my daughter alimentum but she hates the taste. Any advice on how to get your kid to drink it?

  22. Thank you for this post I stumbled across today! My son, also Owen, is 10-months-old. We have battled reflux & constipation since about 6 weeks old. He no longer refluxes that I can tell but he is not a good eater. He typically won’t drink more than 2-4 oz at a time & frequently refuses baby food. The doctor hasn’t been concerned since he is growing steadily (25% weight & 95% height) but I feel like there is an underlying issue. He still wakes up typically twice in night to nurse which I’m afraid is due to his lack of intake during the day. He has also started some PT due to gross motor developmental delays that the therapist believes is due to a weak abdomen! Can you offer any suggestions or advice? Thank you!

  23. My 1 month old is currently on ranitidine (1ml 2 times a day) for reflux. At about 2 weeks old, she was spitting up formula when it was supplemented. Since being on it, she rarely spits up. However, she is crying throughout her bottle and only able to take 1/2 to 1 oz at a time. I can get her to drink 2 oz within an hour If we take breaks. She took breastmilk great for the first 4 weeks, but then started to struggle through her bottles. I had major issues with clogged ducts and the. Got mastitis, so I stopped pumping (she didn’t latch well and the pain was unbearable so we didn’t nurse long at all). Anyway, we tried to wean her off breastmilk by only doing 1 oz formula and 2 oz breastmilk, but things started going south. Went back to just breastmilk, but didn’t seem to help much at all. As of Thursday, the doctor had us try soy, but by Saturday, the screaming fits through her feedings became unbearable for the whole family, so we switched to allimentum. She seems to be able to pass gas better and poop easier and more, but feedings at still horrible. I can hear her tummy gurgling, which is when she starts screaming. I’m concerned it may be silent reflux since she doesn’t actually spit up. She will suck and swallow and then scream. I feed her at an angle so her head is elevated. I have been through reflux with my last child, but her’s was much worse. My 1 month old is gaining weight well (50%) but went from a solid 3 oz at each feeding to 1-1 1/2 oz. I’m not sure what to do from here except asking for a barium swallow study….any suggestions?

  24. Hi,
    NEED ADVICE,!!! I have the same problem with my 11 month old now, refusing to eat, gags and vomits on solids. Dropped from 50% tile to barely hanging on to 5% tile. He was diagnosed with reflux at around 4 months when I started noticing his refusal to eat around 2 months. He would only take 2-2.5 oz of formula at the time, then he began turning away from the bottle. Started him on Pepcid when he was 4 month and started to see slight improvement. At 6 six months, we changed his formula to alimentum and thought that was the answer to his problem. He would take 6 oz bottle without a problem. Right after a month, he started teething, everything went out the window. Refused to eat again but he eventually came back eating a month later. Then again, teething started at 9 months and this time was worse. He refused the bottle completely. It went for 2 months, got his top 4 teeth. We ended up doing an endoscopy at 9 months, found he had gastritis correlating to chronic reflux, we changed med to omeprazole 2.5ml twice a day. Gave it a good 2 weeks and no sign of improvement. Currently my baby is 11 months, had to give him high calorie formula with rice cereal and can only offer purée 2x a day but he still cant get enoug food in him to gain weight. He has very sensitive gag reflex that I can’t seem to find anything right to feed him without him vomiting the milk I fed hours again. Help! Very disappointed with nothing seems to work! Can only spoon feed him the milk. Please I need any advice!

  25. i don’t know how to say this except to say that i am so comforted to read this. my daughter (now 2.5 yrs) was diagnosed with reflux. but not until i finally recorded video of her arching and screaming during a feeding. until seeing the video, the pediatrician didn’t seem concerned and said she didn’t know what to tell me. she was on prevacid until 7 months, we took her off, and she relapsed. but it wasn’t until 10 months that we figured that out and got her back on prevacid. and i feel like both times we had to FIGHT and CONVINCE the doctors to treat her. we were watching our baby girl suffer and they would just shrug. ARGH!!

    btw if anyone is prescribed liquid zantac for their little one, get it from a compound pharmacy and make sure you call them first. they, and only they, can make it flavorless. otherwise, if you get it from CVS or Walgreens (or any other regular pharmacy) it will come premixed with peppermint, is very strong, tastes terrible, and adding flavorings will only make it worse! then keep it in the fridge (don’t worry if it freezes over, just thaw, it’s still good) which will help with taste as well.

  26. Hi thank u so much for sharing your story.I have 26 months old daughter.She just like to drink milk.She doesnt like to eat anything.we went to c Dr so many time but dr said its common.I think its not common.i am really worried about my daughter.pls pls help me what should I do.

    • Hi Renu,

      I think that you are right. There is a ton of information here. I would first recommend starting her on a schedule and having her sit at the table regularly. Look in my menu bar and read “eating basics” follow all of those steps to start laying a good foundation. Let me know if you need more help after reading that.

  27. Thank you for this great post. I have a 1.5 yr old daughter. She was eating almost fine till she grew one year old. But then she had a mucus problem in throat because of which she would often vomit. I am wondering if the constant throwing up could trigger or strengthen reflux. Because after turning 1 yr old, she has been mostly a fussy eater. She doesn’t feel hungry, doesn’t demand food or milk ever. If she is not fed by the clock, she gets bloated with gas and her hunger dies. And she chokes and throws up a lot, even on tiny bytes of food. On top of that, we persistently try to feed her because of the worry that she might lag behind if she doesn’t have enough solid food, which is in turn increasing her resistance. It has become like a vicious cycle for us, I am too stressed right now. Sometimes, I just feel fade up due to the constant futile efforts to make her eat. I guess I will now stop forcing or persuading her to eat, discuss it with her ped and visit a GI specialist on my own even if the ped doesn’t suggest for it.

    • The negative experience of throwing up can cause food aversions. However, it does sound like reflux could be at play here too. I would definitely see a GI, and see the eating basics tab in the menu bar, start to follow those tips. I know it is hard to watch her not eat, but I would not force feed under any circumstances, it will only make matters worse in the long run. If you have questions let me know, I understand how overwhelming and stressful this must be.

  28. I am dealing with this same problem with my six month old. Is there anyway that I could possibly talk to you other than. This site? I could really use the help.

    • Hi Cassie, I’m not a doctor and this was a guest post her on my site… I understand how upset you are, truly. I would call and schedule an appointment with a pediatric GI specialist ASAP, tell them your situation and insist on being seen soon. I would also see other doctors in your practice and tell them what you said here. It sounds like reflux to me. I am available for consults- see the menu bar.

  29. I will mention this possibility to my pediatrician. My daughter is 2 months today, cries and arches her back when eating, breast milk, gentle formula, or soy formula. She doesn’t ever spit up though. AShe cries all the time from hunger, but won’t eat more than about half an ounce every two hours. She lost seven ounces in two days, and is starting to sleep more. I’m terrified and my pediatrician is running all kinds of tests.

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