1. I love this, it all makes a lot of sense, but I’m wondering what you do if you let them leave the table having not eaten very much only to hear that they want a snack 10 minutes later. How do you maintain designated meal and snack times, while respecting their ability to regulate their food intake? Thanks 🙂

    • Great question! You still need to establish some routines and boundaries or their feeding will be totally awry. Once they are 2.5 they are capable of understanding that if they don’t finish this meal they will get nothing until the next. See the tab at the top that says basics to eating for more of this. Both of these principles can work together well.

  2. Thank you so much for your post. I constantly struggle with adapting to my 18 month olds eating habits (or lack there of). This post helped a lot! And gave some great meal ideas when I start to lose sight on what she will actually eat!

  3. I think these are ver y few amounts of fruits and vegetables.. My toodler use to eat about 3 portions of fruits and 2-3 portions of veggies a day. As every toodler, some days he eats nothing but milk.:-)

    • Funny you should mention that, I have it on my short list to have a regular series where I share our menu. In the mean time, here is an example:

      Breakfast: Plain oatmeal with a 1/2tbsp of flax seed and honey/fruit (one of the following: apple, melon, ripe banana, pear, strawberries etc.)
      Lunch: Quesadilla on whole wheat tortilla with black beans, advocado, and cherry tomatoes
      Snack: Pumpkin bread with a few cashews or peanuts (not recommended until 2 for choking hazard could use spread) and fruit
      Dinner: Beef Stew and biscuits or Sauteed tilapia/cous cous/ veggies or Chicken pot pie or homemade quiche

      Hope that gives you some inspiration. You can also look into the article index (menu bar) under recipes for more ideas.

  4. Thank you so much for this informative post! I have a the year old who with every passing day seems to be getting pickier and pickier…I want to be sure he is resting a week balanced meal and would love to see him eat a better variety. I’m worried he isn’t getting enough vitamins and he does at times have issues with constipation. He will choose protein and carbs over fruits and veggies and I hope that’s ok. His growth curve is spot on so I know I shouldn’t be concerned but it’s so hard for me not to meddle in his reading! I’ve definitely done the”one more bite” and other no nos you listed, I hope I can reverse any damage I’ve already done. Feeding these little munchkins is definitely tough work!

  5. This is great info, I have such a hard time not pushing him to eat more because he’s always seemed to eat so little. He’s just turning a year now so my question is how do I tell the difference between I don’t want to eat that because I don’t like it and I don’t want to eat that because I don’t need it. And how much should I get up and grab something else for him if he isn’t eating what’s in front of him when he’s too young to understand the concept of eat what’s on your plate?

    • Good question, this is a bit tricky. You wouldn’t want to jump to this too quickly. Always try to have something at the ready, and even plan to have something he likes at every meal. By the time he is 2, at the latest, you really shouldn’t need to do this at all anymore. If he refuses food from the ready, he may be refusing because he doesn’t want it. If he keeps eating preferred foods you know he is hungry. Try to intersperse these bites.

      • I have the same concern. My daughter is 19 months old now. What should we do if she eats the preferred foods and continues to ask for them without eating the other foods that are offered? Keeping giving her preferred food item until she says she’s done? How will that encourage her to eat the other foods as well if she knows that there will always be something that she likes on the menu?

        • I get it! Those are great questions, and I actually answer them totally in a different post, call The Best Picky Eating Strategy, part 2. Check it out my clicking in the article index in the menu bar or seeing the home page. Let me know if you have more questions after reading that!

  6. Just wanted to say thank you. This was very helpful for me. I’ve read a lot on this and something about yours Just clicked! Will be trying this tomorrow!

  7. I wish someone would write an article for those parents that have children who LOVE to eat. Non stop requests for food and requests for 3rds is very hard to regulate. You don’t want to tell a 2 year old girl they shouldn’t eat but you also know when they are asking for attention/cause and effect or to gain praise from everyone in the room who constantly says “I wish my child was like that. You’re so lucky” and offers them more food than they themselves would eat. I would love to hand over the control to my 2 year old but they few times I’ve done it she’s ended up crying her belly hurts.

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