A Weekend Play Idea: Sensory Scarf Box - Your Kid's Table
I wanted to share a quick idea for a fun play activity that is great for babies and toddlers. I did this for my first born because it made me crazy that he kept charging after the Kleenex box once he started crawling, pulling out each tissue and trying to eat them. I am sure this is a scenario you are familiar with! My second has recently started the same game, so I dug within the depths of our toy/craft/storage closet (it’s a big closet) to unearth it again. The idea is that you take an empty tissue box and stuff scraps of fabric or scarves into it so that your kid can pull them out (and safely mouth if they so desire) like they would with a tissue. I stuffed the box with vintage scarves from my grandmother and mother-in-law that are silky and soft. However, the options are limitless in terms of texture, as long as there aren’t any stray strings a baby could choke on or pull. As your baby pulls out a different scarf they will experience a different texture, which helps expose your baby to a variety of sensations.

This scarf box also encourages fine motor development for babies that are just starting to grasp things. It can become a game for them as they try to pull the scarf all the way out of the box, which strengthens their grasp and endurance! Okay, now I feel like I am overselling this box a little! Of course, with the novelty of a new toy, Sam has been quite interested and enjoys playing dress up and peek-a-boo with the scarves.

Making your own toy doesn’t get any easier than this folks! Do you think your baby or toddler would like the Sensory Scarf Box? Does anyone have any other quick homemade toy ideas?

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