1. Mmmm blueberry cornbread! I can’t wait to try it! Annabel usually likes blueberries but it’s been a while since she had them, and she definitely loves cornbread. I think this will be a success! I am totally blown away by the mayo in the recipe, never heard of such a thing! Thanks for the great recipe and tips! Have a great weekend!

    • I know, who thought mayo, I normally would have done applesauce, but we didn’t have it on hand. So, mayo it was and it worked really well. I think it made it a little denser.

      The muffin tray is silicone and I got it from avon, my mother-in-law is a rep. I just checked the site and the only kind available now is one with stars. I will have to keep my eyes out for a substitute. I am going to add a link to some on amazon too in the post!

      Glad Miss Annabel will enjoy these!

  2. This sounds and looks delicious. I have a 9 month old and I was thinking of making her some cornbread. I noticed that you are using honey in the ingredients. I thought I read somewhere that we shouldn’t give honey to kids under the age 1 b/c of botulism spores or something like that. Or does cooking it make it ok? Just curious.

    • I *think* it is okay if you cook with it. Also, most docs will tell you as long as it isn’t from a local farm you are safe. The kind of honey you buy in big grocery chains from large companies uses methods to avoid botulism contamination. Check with your doc for sure or you could use sugar instead of honey.

  3. Hi there! Stopping by from Little Artist’s “Cooking with Kids: A Year Long Linky Party”! What a great combination! My son loves both blueberries and cornbread! I think we’re going to baking this weekend. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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