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There have been a quite a few free handouts and trainings this week, and you might have missed one. Easy to do. Take this chance to scroll through and save all these resources so you can get to them quickly when you need them. Follow along on facebook and/or You Tube and the videos will also be available in those spots (you can like and save them there too!)

You’ll also find a few of my best free printables that are only available to Your Kid’s Table subscribers below. You are welcome to use any of the printables you find on this page with the children, parents, and families that you service!

If you like these resources and want more of them, make sure you check out Pediatric Feeding 101.

Your Free Printables:

20 Feeding Therapy Ideas + 20 Oral Motor Exercises

Food Diary Template

How to Use Oral Motor Exercises for Feeding Difficulties (watch on facebook)

First Steps with Feeding Challenges (watch and save on facebook)

Extra Free Printables:

9 Steps to Improve Eating

Toddler Food and Meal Ideas Printable

How to Stay Seated for Mealtimes Printable

Still Want More?

I know, as a professional that’s worked with countless families, how helpful it is to have a handout or printable you can hand them to look at in some quiet moments. For them to share with a caregiver or a spouse. Having a child with feeding difficulties is draining and overwhelming (I’ve been there too) and sometimes we’re a parents life-line.

Their only hope.

I know you get that and feel that same struggle to provide solutions that will work and ease a families feeding challenges. That’s why you’re here now gathering these resources.

Whether you’d like some more confidence giving feeding advice when those difficult questions arise, or having valuable resources to share with families so they can follow through with strategies more easily, my newly updated and maxed out Pediatric Feeding 101 course will check either (or both) of those boxes!

Pediatric Feeding 101 is an introductory course, designed for professionals, that covers all the basics from 6 months of age and up, with an entire module dedicated to picky eating.

If you liked these handouts, there’s a lot more inside class (Feeding History Form, 5 Steps to Overcome Picky Eating, Feeding Schedule Templates, Feeding Milestone and Red Flags Cheat Sheet, etc.)

Click here to learn more!





We've Saved You a Seat

We've Saved You a Seat

We've Saved You a Seat

We've Saved You a Seat

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Come join us for free strategies from a licensed occupational therpist and a mom who's been in your shoes!

We've Saved You a Seat

The Free Table Food School Workshop

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Picky Eater Meal Ideas Printable


Get Inspired with Foods Picky Eaters Tend to Eat! And get a builder that allows you to put together your own successful meal!

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Get the Free Sensory Red Flags Printable

Do you know these 21 sensory red flags? Download and print out the cheat sheet to learn more...

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Learn to Eat Table Foods Free Cheat Sheet

Perfect for parents of babies and young toddlers that want to teach them how to eat with simple steps. Click the box to get your free 5 page guide right in your inbox!

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Get the Toddler Food Printable Pack!

Get inspired, plan your meals, or just copy the done for you meal ideas with this awesome printable for toddlers and babies!

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