1. I made a tunnel like this from my old tee shirts. I took about 7 large or xl women’s tee shirts, cut them straight across right below the arm pits, and sewed them end to end to create a tunnel. I made sure to sew the shirts on the ends so that the tee shirt bottom hem was at the very end…that way I didn’t have to hem it myself. Good way to use up old shirts that have small stains or holes. And it was free 🙂

  2. I went out and got the material for the tunnel, and it was already sewn like a tunnel at the fabric store. I was gonna save it for Christmas but couldn’t wait to see how my son would feel about it. He absolutly loves it and has been “wearing it” for like a half hour. He wants to wear it to bed but I said “no”. Anyways Thank You so much for the idea.

  3. Thank you so much for this great idea! I went to the fabric store today and bought 2 yards of this tubing fabric for $12. My son is going to love this. When he was smaller he use to squish inside of a jersey pillow case. This fabric is the same material, only tube shaped. 🙂 I had been wanting to buy one of those body sock things for him, but they are so expensive.

  4. This looks like fun! I love sensory play and tunnels. I love your explanation! I am going to try JoAnn Fabrics and hopefully use a 50% coupon!

    • I don’t know why they aren’t selling this anymore? I’ve heard of others having a hard time too and haven’t been able to find any resources online. If you are able you could by a piece of jersey fabric and just sew it down the middle into a tube, it won’t need a hem.

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