1. Great job on your website. I have been an OT for 20 years and was getting a little overwhelmed with the amount of feeding product out there. I work for a non profit soooo I buy all my stuff. I came across your recommendations for feeding equipment and got lost in the rest of your website. You are insightful, caring and practical, good job. I referred many of my patients parents to you and some of my older patients who were referred to me at an older age with yes feeding issues. Talk about a taboo subject. Just Eat right? Thanks for such a informative and understandable sight. Keep is coming. Sally

    • Oh my gosh Sally, thank you so much for such a lovely comment. It means even more coming from a fellow OT! I’m so glad it has been helpful!

  2. YOU ARE FANTASTIC!! I stumbled upon your Pinterest page and OMG Thank You!! I’m a parent of a special needs child and now am able to understand what he’s experiencing, what his therapist are doing and why and how WE all can help him at home PLUS it helps me explain as to why certain therapies are needed for him. This makes me very happy!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU

    • Thank you so much for that wonderful comment! I’m so glad this was helpful! Wishing you and your child the best!

  3. Alisha!! I typed “sensory diet” into my pinterest search to get a few new ideas/inspiration for working with one of my kiddos, and yourkidstable was the first pin on the list… And the last for me! You have done a great job! Very informative and interesting stuff!! Thanks!

    • Hey there! You are so sweet, I’m so glad it was helpful! Hope you are well, and that I get to see you soon!

  4. so far i’m finding this very helpful. i have an autistic son with sesory issues, and there is issues with his diet. very hard to get him eating what he needs. any ideas? anything i would be greatful.

    • Hi Gail, Don’t know how much you’ve been poking around on here, but I have a lot of information that will help. Click the article index in the menu bar and scroll to sensory processing and picky eating. That is a great place to start with you. Also, try to create a no pressure environment. That will help him, too. After taking a look at a few other articles let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to help!

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