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Want to know what I use in my house, or when I’m working with a kiddo? Below you will find all my favorites… the books I have on my shelves, the cups that are in my cupboard, and the toys my kids play with.

(Affiliate links provided)


Divided Plate
No Spill Straw Cup – for kiddos under 3
Take and Toss Straw Cup – for kiddos 3+
Utensils – I use plastic until around 4-5 years of age
FunBites – A supplemental tool for picky eaters (See full review here)
Truck Taco Holder – Just fun, my kids love these
Snap on Plate Dip Cups
Construction Vehicle Plate and Utensil Set
Garden Fairy Plate and Utensil Set




Tripp Trapp High Chair– It’s an investment, but I LOVE this thing. I’m pretty frugal, but I’ve never regretted getting this.
Place Mat – I pull the high chair right up to the table and use this on top of the table, which catches a lot of the food.
Spoons – For when being fed to
Spoons– For feeding independently
Sippy Cup – I only use from 6-9 months before switching to the straw
Straw Cup
Honey Bear Straw Training Cup
FunBites – A cutter that cuts food into neat little shapes. (Find the review here.)


Vibrating Toothbrush
Disc Cushion – A textured, inflatable disc that is helpful for kids that have difficulty sitting still
Senseez – A vibrating pillow that is great for kids that have a hard time sitting still (see the review here)
Fabric Tunnel – (also see the DIY version here)
Scooter Board
Vibrating Bug
Moon Sand
Sensory Bins
Ikea Swing
Fold and Go Trampoline – (see review here)


Helping Your Child With Extreme Picky Eating (see review here)
Feeding Baby (see review here)
The Out of Sync Child – A classic introduction to how sensory affects our kids
Sensory Integration and the Child – A bit more technical, but you’ll find a much deeper explanation of sensory processing
The Early Childhood Activity Plans – These have been so helpful for me, personally as a mom! I purchased Discover and Learn and loved them!
Sensory Processing 101 – A fantastic beginner’s guide, perfect for parents new to sensory
The Core Strengthening Handbook – Read about why this is important here.


Green Eggs and Ham (full review of books for picky eaters here)
Eating the Alphabet
Pretend Soup and Other Read Recipes
Good Enough to Eat
All the World

Note that the products listed contain affiliate links, on which I earn commission. This doesn’t cost you any more money, but supports this site. I have tested, used, and endorse all of the items on this list. 

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