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Feel Like Parenting Shouldn’t Have to Be This Hard?

Join the club if you…

  • Spend hours searching the internet trying to understand your child’s sensory differences
  • Wonder if the quirks and behaviors are “typical” or actually related to sensory
  • Want to help meet your child’s sensory needs, but have a hard time fitting them into daily life
  • Question if life with your child is ever going to get better?
  • Try so hard to be more patient or more strict but either way, it never works.
When your child has sensory issues it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, confused, and isolated.  Other kids don’t seem to struggle in the same way.  You want to understand and help your child, but everyone seems to brush your concerns off with, “Don’t worry they’ll grow out of it.”

But What If There Was a Different Way?

A way to help your child effortlessly all while deepening your relationship instead of splitting it further apart. What if your child learned that you were there to guide them and help them with their own sensory needs.
Imagine How Your Family’s Life Would Look Different If You Could:
Add more tricks to your sensory tool bag
Easily manage your child’s sensory differences
Grow closer to your child knowing that they aren’t just “being difficult
See exactly how your kid’s sensory system works and how to support it
Enjoy life without all the interruptions of meltdowns and tantrums
Watch your kid thrive

It’s All Possible Inside  Sensory Solutions

Meeting your child’s sensory needs shouldn’t feel like a full-time job!

We have taken everything we know as an OT, special education teacher, and moms of children with sensory differences to create this comprehensive, step-by-step, online course. Here you’ll find all the knowledge you need to change your sensory child’s life forever.

We speak a different language now in our home because of the course which helps us all understand each other.  We use these examples during the day to help everyone understand.

The Sensory Solutions Classroom is for you if…
Sensory differences are interfering with your family’s ability to enjoy daily life
You want to address sensory differences on your own in simple ways that really work
You feel confused and frustrated by a sensory diet
You don’t want sensory to control your life any longer
You want explanations for frustrating tendencies like: poor sleeping, picky eating, aggressive behavior
This course is not for you if…
You are looking for a quick fix
You want to keep doing things the way you always have done them
You want to only focus on picky eating
You want to only focus on challenging behavior
As I started learning about all this, I started making connections with some of these weird habits he has.  Now that I know this is all connected and all sensory, IT MAKES SENSE!!!  I am so happy to be learning and understanding!  I felt hopeless and like I had a “weird child”.  I wondered why he does all of these really odd things, but NOW I KNOW!

Sensory Solutions

The online course that includes…

12+ Video Lessons

(Valued at $199)

Exclusive Handouts and a Printable Version of Each Video Lesson

(Valued at $79)

Printable Workbook to Take Notes and Put Into Action Everything That You're Learning

(Valued at $39)

Therapeutic Sensory Activity Demos with Step by Step Instructions

(Valued at $77)

3 Months Access to a Private Student-Only Facebook Group to Give You the Community and Support You Need

(Valued at $289)

6 Live Q&As with Wendy or Alisha Where Your Questions About Your Child Get Answered.

(Valued at $225)

Bonus Lessons on Picky Eating and Sensory Behavior

(Valued at $99)

Total Value


(but that’s not what you’ll pay!)

Join Sensory Solutions Today!

Why Sensory Solutions Works

Sensory Solutions helps you help your kid through our own 4 Core Sensory Solutions Steps. It’s built on research and experience but it’s 100% do-able for every parent. We know it works because, well, we do it in our own homes. And, hundreds of our students across the world say it works for them too.

Our student’s lives are changed forever because they have learned how to do this sensory thing with ease for their unique family, their life.

Sensory Solutions

What You’ll Learn

Learn How You Can Improve Your Child Sensory Processing

  • Uncover the surprising truth about sensory processing
  • A new understanding about your child’s sensory system
  • Mistakes to avoid when addressing sensory differences
  • Our unique 4 core sensory solution steps, in detail

Learning What To Do With Sensory Red Flags

  • Learn what each of the 7 senses are and how to know which one is needed
  • Finally understand what proprioception and vestibular are and why they’re so important
  • Know how to identify and use the sensory activities that will help your child the most
  • Discover powerful therapeutic “power tools” to balance your child’s sensory system.

Creating Your Personal Sensory Solution

  • How to create a sensory plan you can use every day
  • What to do when your child avoids sensations
  • How to create an environment that supports your child in every way
  • How to support sensory in school and daycare (school, childcare, etc.)

Sensory Solutions Bonuses

  • How to address picky eating mini training
  • How to address sensory behavior mini training
  • Supporting sensory at school workbook
  • How to explain sensory to others workbook
  • How to promote better sleeping habits guide
  • Sensory glossary (to help you remember all those confusing terms)
  • Essential oils and sensory- how to use them if you choose

The Real-Mom Teaching Duo

Meet Alisha Grogan

Occupational Therapist, MOT OTR/L

Alisha is a mom and pediatric occupational therapist that specializes in sensory processing.  Much of her experience has been working with families in their homes, which has given her the tools and insights to help families learn and use sensory in their everyday life.  But, she’s lived this journey herself too, as one of her own children has sensory needs. She gets the overwhelm and the power behind sensory, because it’s not only helped her child reach his full potential it’s also given them a stronger bond that she could’ve ever imagined!

Meet Wendy Bertagnole

Special Education Teacher, MA SpEd

Wendy is a mom and former special education teacher who now helps parents understand and address really challenging behavior. After working with kids of different abilities in a classroom setting, she saw the power of seeing past their behaviors to helping them truly thrive. At home she’s able to practice everything she preaches with her three kids, one of which has sensory differences and the other two keep her on her toes.  


With Over 20 Years Combined Professional Experience We Believe That:


Every child with sensory differences has potential that can be unlocked only when sensory needs are met.


Sensory differences can and should be UNDERSTOOD, ACCEPTED, and SUPPORTED. By doing so, sensory processing can even improve.


Every parent can learn the specific sensory needs and aversions of their own child.


Parenting strategies are not to blame for a child's sensory differences.

The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If, after 30 days, you have gone through all the material, and still feel like this just doesn’t work for you, We’ll happily provide a full refund. We want you to be happy with your results here and in your home.

We stand behind our guarantee.  Before you make your purchase, please view our full policy. 

Payment Plan

Workshop Discount Applied
$59/4 months
  • Everything from the Sensory Solutions class, split into 4 payments.


Your Sensory Child Needs YOU Because You Understand Them Best

Once you have the right tools, YOU have the power to help your child better than anyone else.

What Students Are Saying

The course was very helpful and provided good insights. I felt like I could reach out whenever I wanted and would get a valuable answer.
Going through the course has been eye opening. I’ve sees improvements with my son immediately. The course connected those missing pieces I didn’t understand and couldn’t apply.
Jamie D.
Its so nice to know that we can DIY-it as moms, as we deal with behaviors, and want to support our little one’s growth/learning/success. I would recommend the course without reservation.
Amy C.
{This program] has given me all the ideas, insights, and help for  my son’s oral aversion! [I now] understand what is going on with my son, and I know how to help him!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is This Different From Reading Blogs/ Boosts About Sensory?
This program is designed to take you from where you are to a solid understanding of how to really address the sensory differences in your home. Books aren’t catered to your unique child, articles give you bits and pieces, but this program takes you step by step through it all so you don’t have to spend time wondering or digging to find answers yourself.
How Does This Online Class Work?
The lessons are delivered via video, with an attached PDF transcript and slides for those who like to read or take notes. It’s all found in a private students only website so it’s easy for you to access any time, any where.
What If I Work Full Time, Will This Be Too Much?
We’ve had dozens of full time working parents take this course and say it was easy to get through it all. The beauty of this self-paced,course is that you can do it on your own time. The videos are all broken down into 15 -20 minutes or less in length so it is easy to watch one as you have time.
I'm Already Working With an OT, Will I Still Benefit From This Class?
YES! Through this course you will use the sensory diet your OT recommends and turn it into a sensory solution that works for you. You will see when the activities are needed, why they are needed, and if you ever need to add more to them.
Will This Course Address Picky Eating?
The course does address how sensory processing affects picky eating and many of the activities will be helpful in addressing selective food choices. However, specific picky eating strategies beyond the scope of sensory processing will not be discussed.
Is The Information Geared Towards a Certain Age?
No. Sensory differences affect people of every age, the strategies taught here apply to people of all ages, but our main focus is children through 12 years old.

What Students Are Saying

[This program] provided a very good understanding into sensory processing and specific tools to help our kids. it was helpful hearing from other group members who are all going through similar situations. I liked being able to reach out for specific questions.
Penny S.
The course was incredibly helpful to our family.  It did a great job of explaining sensory differences, describing key behaviors that signal sensory needs, and sharing ideas on how to help your child integrate sensations so that they are better able to learn and attend to tasks.  
Jamie D.
I knew all these terms but I never came to them by my own realization like I did through this course. It was overwhelming information to try to gather the info from the OT while she was working with my daughter was hard. This course has provided focused time for us as adults to process and make a plan for what we need to do.
This course was excellent! As an OT and a mom of two children with sensory needs I can say [This class] takes a topic that is often overwhelming and complicated and explained it in a way that is accessible for everyone.

Payment Plan

Workshop Discount Applied
$59/4 months
  • Everything from the Sensory Solutions class, split into 3 payments.

Still got a question? Reach out at [email protected]

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