Practicing Patience When Your Child Doesn't Eat - Your Kid's Table

Many of you have left comments here at Your Kid’s Table or on our Facebook page about  how challenging it is to stay patient when your kid isn’t eating well. This is really a whole different kind of anxiety that can be particularly challenging. I am sharing my personal story and how I got through it with my younger son over at Little Stories. I am thrilled to be posting there today. I found Kim, author of Little Stories, a few months ago when she began guest contributing at Modern Parents Messy Kids. The first post I read was Communication Happens in Everyday Moments.  I still think back to the wise words she shared in that post when I start to feel guilty about “learning time”. Kim has a ton of knowledge and wonderful ideas related to speech development, play, and toy organization. So, head on over and check out my guest post and all of the great info Little Stories has to offer!  
UPDATE: The original link is no longer working, but this post has been updated and re-published on Your Kid’s Table. Check it out here.

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