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The Conquer Your Child’s Picky Eating Online Event

Join feeding expert Alisha Grogan and learn what to stop doing that makes picky eating worse, the critical strategy that helps kids learn to eat new foods, and 5 steps to conquer picky eating once and for all!
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It’s possible for even the pickiest eaters to learn to eat new foods!

Have you ever been told, “don’t worry they’ll grow out picky eating”? Or, maybe you’ve believed it yourself, because you didn’t know what else to do. It’s time to ditch

this bad advice, and learn what you can do to help your child learn to love new foods and enjoy dinners as a family in this limited time only free mini course!


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Alisha Grogan MOT, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist and Mom

Alisha is the creator of the popular website and blog, Your Kid’s Table, as well as Mealtime Works, the complete online picky eating program. She’s a pediatric occupational therapist with over 15 years of experiencing working with thousands of families locally in Pittsburgh and around the world online to improve how and what their children eat. Alisha is a mom to three young boys that have given her the chance to put her strategies and feeding solutions in to practice on a daily basis.

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The Conquer Your Child's Picky Eating Online Event

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