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As any of you following me on Pinterest know, I am now part of an amazing group board-
Early Childhood by The Specialists. Our hope is that this board will be a trusted resource for parents and professionals, as the few of us that are pinning to the board have specialized experience in early childhood development. If you look over the short list of contributors, you will find occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, educators, physical therapists, psychologists, and special educators.

Everything that is pinned on The Early Childhood Specialists board has been carefully selected through the lens of professionals with years of experience working with young children. By following the board, you can rely on quality child development pins, many of which have detailed descriptions about specific developmental skills. 

I am thrilled to be collaborating with these knowledgeable ladies. Make sure you check out their blogs and individual pinterest boards, as they too are wonderful resources.
Here are some of the special contributors:
Kim of Little Stories
Katie of Playing With Words 365 
Kristina of Toddler Approved
Deborah of Teach Preschool
Laura of Play Dr Mom 
Christie of Mama OT
Melissa of Imagination Soup
Mary Frances of Teach Speech
Stacy of Starfish Therapies

Head over to Pinterest and follow us now! There are already over 100 amazing pins, with much more to come! 

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