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A 3 week in depth course that fully explores understanding and supporting your child’s sensory needs with one on one support from professionals and moms. You will:


  • Understand everything you need to know about sensory processing.
  • Learn sensory activities that specialized OT’s use.
  • Develop an easy and manageable plan to meet YOUR child’s specific needs.


This online class is a completely comprehensive plan for turning your child’s picky eating around by giving you every tool and strategy you need to make mealtimes work in your home.  Step-by-step and totally do-able. You will learn:

  • What routines must be in place to be total game changers.
  • How to get your child to eat a bigger variety of food.
  • How to eliminate stress at meals for everyone
  • Serve one meal for everyone, even for the pickiest of eaters (no more short order cooking).



A 1.5 hour class that covers the basics of early childhood pediatric feeding. This class was created for professionals such as: occupational therapists, developmental therapists, speech and language pathologists, physical therapists, and early childhood educators, etc. Students in this class will learn:


  • Typical development of feeding milestones from 6 months of age through 5 years plus, as well as troubleshooting strategies for when those milestones are delayed.
  • Best practices for family mealtimes to develop lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Basic principles to address picky eating, based on a no-pressure eating environment.

We've Saved You a Seat

We've Saved You a Seat

We've Saved You a Seat

We've Saved You a Seat

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Sensory Red Flags Series

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The Free Table Food School Workshop

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